TheAkiba V5 Launched

Finally it is here. The new theme (V5) of TheAkiba is finally online. Have worked it for a while and it is now online. Still have something to tweak with but overall it is done.¬†Didn’t make too much change to the layout since it is the best I can imagine and it has a optimal user experience to me. I have basically rewrote all the code and refine the CSS to the latest updates. Not very much new things here and will sure to keep on tweaking it.

TheAkiba V5 Launched

The thing that bothering me is the LOGO. Not a good graphic designer and had a hard time when trying to make a new LOGO. May come up with some new ideas later. The best part of the theme will be the article content style. Lots of CSS classes were added and I can make many different style to decorate my posts. It could be very fun. Anyway, hope you like the new theme.

What’s New in V5?

  • Complete rewrite of the CSS of the layout. Have studied lots of great blogs out there and combine what I’ve learned to make the best out of it. Though the two column layout does not change a lot.
  • Increased sidebar from 200px to 220px and now it has more space for more contents.
  • Redesigned the article content structure. It is what you are looking at. Adds notebook like background and it gives you the feeling that you are actually reading something on the notepad.
  • A large footer was added. Social column was added to the footer and will put on more things later.

Will take the midterm this week and then the Spring break. Another project I am working on is the site that I started recently. It will be a another WordPress powered blog focus on Apps for Mac and iOS, as the name can tell. Have lots of ideas for the new site and sure it will be the best I have ever made.