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I. Some daily talk:

Remember when I mentioned few days ago on Christmas Eve that I had been looking for Danny Choo‘s email address to inform him about the theme stuffs? Guess what, I received Danny’s email one day after Christmas, surprisingly, since I hadn’t sent the email yet.

Danny and I were talking about the theme stuffs and we’re now ready to release the theme. I changed the style of theme according to Danny’s requests and made it looks much more identical to Dannychoo.com. Check out Danny’s post here. Also you can check out the original one.

The theme is named Dannychoo.com Theme by TheAkiba.com. Well, pretty long, isn’t it? Derived from Dannychoo.com, the theme is able to for inserting a large image on every post (750px by width). Tired of all those slim and thin themes, try this one out. It provides you with the magazine and premium theme layout (thanks to Danny’s hard work on his theme) and charges for nothing.

Let’s come back to the theme and there are something you probably want to know:

II. Features:

  • Two columns with a recommend column on the frontpage and archive page
  • One sidebar on the right (Widget ready)
  • Compatible up to WordPress 2.7  (tested on 2.6.2, not sure about the older versions)
  • Threaded (nested) comment support (2.7 only)
  • Featured Category on the frontpage
  • Use WordPress built-in custom filed to display thumbnails on the frontpage and archive pages

III. Download:

DownloadGet it

Oh, wait, we have a new version here, take a look before you download.

IV. Installation:

Upload the DCbyTA folder to your wordpress theme directory: eg, yoursite/…/wp-content/themes/. Activate it at the back-end, done!

You may also want to upload the plugins folder to ../wp-content/plugins, check out the plugins support below.

V. Usage:

I don’t have time to make a control panel on the back-end but you really need to do some works on the original files. Okay, don’t be afraid, it’s just some copy and paste work.

The theme uses two loops to display different kind of articles from categories. You have to decide what to show on the frontpage in the first place. It’s easy, just follow the guide below.

1. Featured Category:

Open the index.php file in your theme directory and find on line 9:

<?php query_posts('showposts=3&amp;cat=1'); ?>

The theme uses two loops to display different kind of articles from categories. You have to decide what to show on the frontpage in the first place. It’s easy, just follow the guide below.

  • showposts=3 : the number of articles you want to display from the featured category
  • cat=1 : your featured category ID, you can find it at the category edit panel at the back-end

2. More Articles

Find line 30 and change the URI to the URI of your featured category.

<div class="more-articles"><a href="http://theakiba.com/category/articles/">more</a></div>

3. Latest Articles

Find line 42:

<?php query_posts('showposts=15&amp;cat=-1'); ?>
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

  • showposts=15: this is the number of posts you want to show on the frontpage latest article section.
  • in_category(‘1’) : this is the category you don’t want to show on the frontpage, replace the ‘1’ with the ID of your featured category.

4. Thumbnail

You may get noticed that some 80×80 thumbnails are show on frontpage and archive pages. The theme uses Custom Field to display those thumbnail. Just fill in the “Thumbnail” in your custom field “Name” label and the URI of your thumbnail in the “Value” text area and press “Add” , the theme will do the rest for you.

I’d like to suggest you use 80×80 for the default thumbnail size of your wordpress, thus you don’t have to worry about the thumbnail stuffs every time you post something, WordPress will automatically generate it for you. All you need to do is copy the URI of the thumbnail and paste it in the URI area.

What about you have already post something before and the thumbnail. A plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails will help you. The plugin will allow you to regenerate both sized thumbnails (thumbnail, medium and large) for all attachments. The plugin will leave your old resized images untouch in case of you using them in your posts.

Recommend values for the theme:

  • Thumbnail size: 80×80 (Crop it)
  • Medium: width=400px
  • Large: width=750px

VI. Plugins recommend

The theme uses three plugins, you can find them in the plugins folder:

  • WP-PageNavi: a more advanced paging navigation
  • WP-PostRatings: an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page
  • WP-PostViews: enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed

WP-PageNavi is used to replace the default “next page” navigation and you have to activate this one. And for the WP-PostRatings and WP-PostViews, they are optional.

1. Related Articles:

Some friends are asking about how I got the related articles section to work. Actually there’re lots of WordPress plugins around and what I use it call Similar Posts. The plugin provides you lots of functions and more important, a setting page with lost of template tags with which you can easily change the output and design of the related articles. The plugin needs an extra Post-Plugin Library to work, you can install both of them easily in the back-end of your WordPress.

Paste the following codes to the “Output template” of the plugin at back-end. (This is the code I customized for the Dannychoo theme, by using it, your site will look more identical to Danny’s ^^) As for the CSS style part, if you’re using the theme file downloaded from my site, the CSS has already included in the style.css file.

<div class="related-item">
<div class="thumbnail-shadow"><img src="{custom:Thumbnail}"></div>

<div class=”article-item”>
<div class=”article-category”>({categorylinks})</div>
<div class=”article-topic”><a href=”{url}” rel=”nofollow” title=”{title}”>{title:30:trim}</a></div>
<div class=”article-commentnum”>({commentcount})</div>
<div class=”article-excerpt”>{excerpt:10:a}</div>
<div class=”article-info”>
<div class=”article-time”>{date:Y/m/j l}</div> by <div class=”article-author”><a href=”{authorurl}”>{author}</a></div>


OK, you’ve done the layout part. Insert the following code to where you want your related articles to display in the single.php file.

<?php similar_posts(); ?>

VII. Adsense & Recommendation Column

You may notices there’re lots of Google Ads and affiliates programs around. I didn’t removed
them since you can just go to the theme template to replace the code or publisher-id with yours  and this is much easier.

You can remove the sidebar ads easily since it’s a widget ready one, but the middle recommend column on the frontpage will take some manual works. Open the recommend.php file and replace the code with yours.

VIII. License

The theme is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0, by both Dannychoo.com and TheAkiba.com. You can use and develope this theme to fit your own needs as long as the links to the creators remain in the footer.

Creative Commons License

IX. Known Bugs

  • PNG files under IE 6.0
  • Categories without posts will mess up the layout
  • The comment text are may look wired on Safari.

X. Changelog

  • 2009-01-24: Minor updates, clean up some CSS codes, comment area fixed, frontpage LOOP reproduced
  • 2009-01-02: Caption added, XML Feed bug fixed, read more on this post.
  • 2008-12-28 (1.0 beta): initial release


  • You can post your questions on this post.