ThemeFortress: New WordPress Blog Launch

Have been planned for a while and finally it is here. I just launched my latest website two days ago, ThemeFortress, a WordPress related blog that focuses on bringing you tips about theme design and develop. On ThemeFortress, you will learn about basic settings and developing of your own WordPress blog. From installing a simple copy, setting up your local testing environment, to design and code your own theme, super charge and fortify your theme with powerful framework and proper plugins. At least that is what I am planning to do.


The reason for start a blog about WordPress, basically is to return the service to the WordPress community. Have learned a lot in my three years of running a WordPress blog and designing themes, and think it’s time for me to say something and share my experiences with the rest of the community. There is actually one advantage that I have to differentiate from the main stream WordPress blogs: I am not a WordPress professional. Most WordPress related blogs like Smashing Magazine, WPCandy and others are run by professionals, or at least have profound knowledge of coding and developing. I am not that professionals, and to turn this disadvantage to the better side, I can understand what average people’s need and how to satisfy them.

As you know, TheAkiba is also running on WordPress. And the reason I talked about this, is because ThemeFortress is running on a WordPress framework that TheAkiba is going to be built on. What’s the name of the so call framework, I will leave it as a secret, a secret that will be unveiled in the following few days. Another reason I mentioned above is, some of my readers ask me about how to make a WordPress theme, even though I am not a professional theme designer, I do think I can point out something that could be helpful for starters. So, if you are interested in running your own WordPress or to improve your knowledge about it, you may want to keep an eye on ThemeFortress.