Most Evil Decision? To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Coming?

According to the official website of Jump Festa, Manga series To Love-Ru Darkness (To LOVEる ダークネス) is going to be showed up on the stage of Jump Studio on December 18, together with the Anime cast staffs. Rumors have already spread all over the web that there might be an Anime adaptation coming. As you may recall that there was a 26-episode TV Anime and three OVAs of To Love-Ru, before the original Manga was forced to end in 2009 and for a while everybody thought there could be no ending for the series. Luckily, the authors found their way and continued with a much more evil series (Darkness) and began the serialization in Jump Square magazine in October 2010. The series from then on became totally not safe for general audiences and there was a time that I thought it would become an Ero Manga.

Most Evil Decision? To Love Ru Darkness Anime Coming?

To Love-Ru (とらぶる) is a Japanese Manga series written by Saki Hasemi (長谷見 沙貴) and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki (矢吹 健太朗,  the apprentice of Takeshi Obata (小畑 健)), who is also the creator of Black Cat and extremely famous for his talent. So far no other news about the Anime production, and it’s still a rumor. We will see what happen during and after the event this December

Updated: Rejoy, the Anime of the series was announced. Read more here.

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