To Love-Ru Darkness New Anime Announced

According to the official Twitter account, a new Anime adaptation of To Love-Ru Darkness was announced. The announcement was made during the live event To Love-Ru Darkness Happy Sunday! and more details will be revealed on Jump Square on April 4. Most likely it will be a second season of the series, or simply in a more profitable solution, a movie. Of course, a movie of this kind of Anime will sure put off lots of fans and guess it should be the last consideration. We will get back to this, stay tuned. As usual, the original Manga is getting more and more evil. New season is coming and we will be presenting to you the latest roundup of new Anime coming this Spring.

March 22, 2013 Looks like we have an early leak. The announcement turns out to be an OVA of the series. Check out the scan below. via 0taku.

To Love-Ru Darkness New Anime Announced

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To Love-Ru Darkness New Anime Announced

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