To Love-Ru Darkness Preview

The official website of upcoming October TV Anime To Love-Ru Darkness was updated with several PVs. Also including the opening theme Rakuen Project performed by Ray. The TV Anime will be aired on October 5 and we are already impatient about it, guess we’ve been waiting for so long. As the illustration of the official website indicates, it’s all about the Harem plan that brought up by our new female protagonist Momo and of course, we are more or less looking for all kinds of fan services and probably the same old cliche events could unusually fire up our expectations.

As for the coming Fall series, we will be posting them within next week and in the meanwhile, you can check out the chart on Crunchyroll, for a more elegant way. Ok, I am also thinking of finding a better way to present you the lineup, probably some time later.

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Source: ANN