To Love-Ru Darkness TV Anime and OVA Announced

The official announcement of the Anime adaptation of Manga series To Love-Ru Darkness (To LOVEる ダークネス) was confirmed last month, and we are more than happy to learn that the series is actually getting a TV Anime, as well as an OVA. Fans might be a bit worry about the rumor since the announcement was made on April’s Fool. We were expecting the Anime to be either a TV Anime or OVA, and to our surprise, we are going to have both!

To Love Ru Darkness TV Anime and OVA Announced

According to Jump SQ19 magazine, the OVA will be released on August 17 and consists of three short episodes featuring Momo, Mikan and Haruna. The OVA will be bundled with the 5th volume of the original Manga before the airing of the TV Anime. Yes, before the airing, which means we might be able to expect the series to air late this year or early next year. Stay tuned and we will get back for the date of release of the TV Anime.

Source: ToLoveRu Love (NSFW), Official Website
Image ©Kentarou Yabuki, Saki Hasemi / Shueisha