Infographic: Top 100 Comic Blogs To Follow In 2013

David Soto from CouponAudit has made an infographic where he picks 100 top Comic blogs and thinks you should follow. You may be aware some of them if you visit Comic blogs regularly. David pointed out that they ranked these blogs according to the quality of posts, and if you take some other factors into consideration, for instance, social influences, followers, subscribers and so forth, you may end up with a totally different result. If you have a different version, let me know. For TheAkiba, we actually rank at 17, not a bad ranking but still needs a lot of scrolling :) The list doesn’t necessarily contain only blogs, it also includes comprehensive resource websites. Also the list appears to have a focus on western Comic, and we are only able to see several Japanese Anime related blogs. Either way, I do see Danny’s blog (rank 6) in the list but should definitely goes to the top in terms of blogging.

Top 100 comic blogs to follow