TheAkiba 7th Revamp

TheAkiba V7 Revamp

This is the latest redesign of TheAkiba since almost two years ago. Lots of things are changed and lots of new excitements are added. When I look back around five years ago when TheAkiba was first established, it was running on a free theme, and for most amateurs, we rarely pay for those premium themes or plugins since most of us won’t even need them. There are always free alternatives, and when you start to realize that everybody else is using the same thing as yours, it is time to rethink. So why not just create our own theme? Let’s stop here and guess I could come up with another few thousand words for my learning experience. But now, let’s just get more focused on the latest revamp.

Introducing Akiba Community

Introducing Akiba Community

I’ve talked about this again and again, it’s winter, it’s still winter, and in the last month of winter, I’d like to bring you the biggest upgrade of the site ever: introducing Akiba Community. By incorporating the social networking feature into the blog, our users will be able to access much more features and enjoy more convenience while browsing. In the meanwhile, visitors can also navigate through the site without any problems.

TheAkiba V6: Reverie

TheAkiba V6: Reverie

After two weeks of design and redesign, finally I finished the sixth version TheAkiba. The new theme is written on the top of Reverie. You might not think it is a big change but if you still remember what the original fifth version looks like, you will probably agree with me. You might also notice that I’ve put the Series Database offline for maintenance. Will make it compatible with the new theme and put it online later. So far I am quite satisfied with the new theme.

Metrics of 2011

A Brief Summary of 2011

Year 2011 almost come to and end, and probably ended for half of our readers. Time to get a summary for what happened and what’s in our mind for the coming year. Lots of things happened this year. It is the third year of the launch of TheAkiba and I did see the traffic increased as I write more posts this year. Even though more factors should be taken into consideration, let’s just take a look at what those metrics are.

Best of TheAkiba in November 2011

It’s a busy month. Guess half of our readers are busy preparing the final exams now. And wish you have a great result! We have something special coming next week. What’s that? Stay tuned on TheAkiba or our newsletter and ready for the surprise. In this post, as usual, we will pick the top ten posts during the month. You can also check out out complete archive of the month to see if you have missed something.


Introducing Japaneta, Microblogging Platform for Japan Lovers

I am glad to introduce to you Japaneta, a microblogging platform for all the Japanese culture and sub culture lovers. Whether you are interested in Japanese learning, Japanese music, idols or Anime, you are totally free to share you findings on our network. If you are already using services like Twitter, then it’s even easier to get started. Unlike those big network where you are feeling like sinking under the surface (like the famous fail whale Twitter), Japaneta is a niche platform and will sure satisfied your daily Japanese digests.

Series Database

Series Card Reloaded, Introducing Series Database

Continued by Series Card, I made this new section of the site which I called it Series Database, just to expand the Series Card for future use. You can take the Anime Series Database as an advanced version of Series Card. It expands the categories and gives you information that you are not able to see on Series Card.

Best of TheAkiba in October 2011

Thanks for all our fancy readers, we had a great and busy month. TheAkiba is under heavy revamp, and you probably have already noticed the change of the forum. How do you like it? Any cool ideas? Prefer BBCode over HTML? Let us know! And of course, more new stuffs are coming on their way. In this post, as usual, we will pick the top ten posts during the month. You can also check out out complete archive of the month to see if you have missed something.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

It was another busy week. You may have already noticed several changes of the site, including the dark brown header. Have to say that I was just testing this new navigation, and it’s temporary. Together with the new community add-on, I may have some time to make a big revamp or a new theme of the site this winter. Yes, I like winter, the season when I was born. I cannot be born again, so, the site has to reborn instead of me. Will take some time to do some split tests to find out the best solution in the following few weeks. And by the way, I also like Fall, it’s the most beautiful season of a year, and the season when TheAkiba was born.

Danny Choo WordPress Theme Updated

I’ve mentioned it a while ago, so, here it is. This is an update version of the previous Danny Choo WordPress theme (learn more about this theme here, or on Danny’s blog). Nothing changed in the look of the theme except I upgrade it to add several features and make it compatible to the latest version of WordPress 3.2.1. In order to use this theme, you should have a 3.0+ version installed in order to use the theme.