Angel Beats!

Everything Wrong with Angel Beats

“Angel Beats!” is a widely known and well liked Anime about children who end up in an afterlife, all of them having gone through terrible childhoods. In this world they are given a “second chance” to relive their high school days and make their souls feel at peace with the world. However, though I must admit I enjoyed watching this Anime, I did find there to be a few plot holes or problems I simply could not understand or accept.

Angel Beats! Tenshi Kanade PVC Figure Good Smile Company Ver.

This is another Kanade Tachibana 1/8 PVC figure from Good Smile Company. The figure was released on June 13 this year with a price of 5,800 JPY (around 70 USD). If you are a fan of Angel Beats! and a fan of Kanade, you could probably tell that this is so far the best figure of Kanade out there in the market and this time, she really is an angel with white wings on her back, looks just graceful.

Angel Beats! Special Episode: Bad End

Finally what we wished has came true. The good news is that there is indeed an episode 14 while the bad news is there is no so called second season (at least no news so far). The story in episode 14 happens between 4th and 5th episodes in the TV Anime, with a title of Stairway to Heaven.

Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA: Day Game

Angel Beats! is back?! Not really. This is a nation tour by the band from the series Girls Dead Monster together with LiSA known as Keep The Angel Beats!. Guess it will bring back some happiness to the early ended series. The tour started from August 3rd to Sep 2nd, and below is a new Single released half way of the tour. Day Game, a new Single of band Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA.

My Anime List (+ Current Season Impressions)

Hey guys. I’m still relatively new here at TheAkiba so today I wanted to talk about what sort of Anime I’m into. I also give some thoughts on some shows from the Current Season.

Angel Beats! Extras

The Angel Beats! anime series has ended. We take a look at all the other media available based on this series and look into some rumours about a second season.

Angel Beats! Review

The series came to an end for quite a while. However, the end actually didn’t surprise me a lot. Have been thinking about coming up with a review of the series for a while. To be frankly I didn’t take too much of the series in the first place (well, later fell in love with) but I did know that it’s gonna be one of the best of the all. Not simply because it is produced by KEY. As for the reason, I’d like to skip the general thoughts about the series and focus on the line of the story and the relationships of the two couples in the series: Yui and Hinata, Kanade and Yuzuru.

Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack

Anime series Angel Beats! ended a month ago while I don’t really have a feeling about this. It seems to me that there are still coming episodes, probably because the whole web is talking about the coming unknown episode 14 or OVA. It’s truly an excellent movie of the season, probably the best of the year. Apart from the “coming” episodes, some albums and tracks are coming on the way.

Angel Beats! Album by Girls Dead Monster: Keep The Beats!

Final the series has came to an end, and finally this great album was (about to :)) released. It’s few days earlier than the official release date June as usual. Guess most fans were eager to have the album ever since episode 10 where the great track Ichiban no Takaramono (一番の宝物) was aired. Get it on Play-Asia or CDJapan.

Angel Beats! – 13 [End]

Didn’t get time to do episode 12, but that episode wasn’t as amazing as this one. The 13th and last episode of Angel Beats! just blew me away. My love for KEY just got refuelled, it was such a sad .. yet.. a happy and beautiful ending. It’s hard to describe with words, if you’re familiar with the works of KEY you’ll know what I mean.