Remembering Steve Jobs

When I first heard of the news yesterday evening, I was shocked. But this is no joking, we all have to accept the truth. Steve is gone, the world has lost a visionary, a creative genius and an amazing human being, and we lost a great teacher. If we say Bill Gates brought us the Computer, then Steve stroke the innovative revolution on us. The world has changed become of these two geniuses. And now one is gone, genius becomes lonely. Bill met Steve for more than 30 years, and described their relationship as colleagues, competitors and friends over the course of more than half their lives.

A Week in United States 5

Few trips around these days since I have courses everyday and the only time for relax is after 11pm. There’re always times that I have tons of things on hand and don’t know which to do first. Enjoyed the party yesterday with lots of friends in our program in College and played American Football first time in my life… No no no, just passed ball around. Today is Labor Day of US, all shops close and there are few people hanging around the street, which is as usual. The only difference is that I am “poking” around the website to looking for my future Digital SLR. The Canon 450D will be my first choice while the EFS 17-55MM lens is a little bit too high a price for me. Well, you have to sacrifice something in order to get something else.

A Week in United States 4

Just finished installed the latest Mac OS Snow Leopard, what’s the biggest change to me? The desktop wallpaper. Being accustomed to the wallpaper for like three years without changing and suddenly it gone, though slightly, but it did. Seems like a sign for me to start focus on my life, changing. Ready to start the course next week, being a little nervous and a little depress, maybe I’m just sensitive. But whatsoever, we all have to move on.

A Week in United States 3

It seems that all my stuffs were always left behind, due to my laziness, probably. Was suppose to write this post last week but it turned out that I am always a lazy bone. Have finished the workshop the school required but still lack of overall concept of the courses. Time to focus on the study since I’ve using “busy” as a excuse for a while. Time to study but next week ^^

A Week in United States 1

Hey guys, nice to have you back here. Regular visitors may know the reason of my disappearing for about an week. As you may have already known, I am in United States right now! I took the flight last weekend from Hong Kong and spent the next 16 hours on the plane before arriving New York. And then took another plane to get to Cleveland. The trip was smooth but the food on the plane is terrible (well, it always be).