Anime Angels Artbook

If you are a fan of Anime, illustration and you happen to be an active backer on Kickstarter, you may have already learned about a really interesting project called Anime Angels Artbook. Anime Angels is a 100-page original-character artbook featuring the work of 68 Anime artists from 22 countries, and focusing on one theme: angel. The project was successful funded with the total pledge of $8,027 contributed by 94 backers.

Book Review: Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential

Guess what’s the famous stuffs when you think about Japan? Sakura, Kimono, or Katana? You may probably come out with some other answers: high school girls and sailor-style uniform! Either way, you may not forget to mention the related stuffs such like Anime and Manga, Ryori (料理) and Miko. Indeed you have tons to mention about Japan. In order to probe into the secret life of Japanese schoolgirls, you probably have already watched or read some series and books. And actually the Anime we go through everyday (yes, if possible :)) have certain relationship with high school girls and their Seifuku and will more or less help you to know their life either in a right or wrong direction. But what about how Japanese schoolgirls in real life? Let’s come back to our topic today.

Sakura Tale: Kuro Tights Gravure Collection

Special artbook from the Galgame Sakura Tale Sakura Tale -the tale of cherry blossoms septet- Kuro Tights Gravure Collection (さくらテイル -the tale of cherry blossoms septet- 予約特典 黒タイツグラビアコレクション). Illustrated by tons of talent illustrators like Haruka Minazuki (水月悠, Circle: 氷上王国), Bou, Ryohka (涼香, Circle: 涼屋) and so forth.

Tony’s ARTworks from Shining Wind

Tony Taka’s artwork collection from SEGA game Shining series Shining Wind was on sale since yesterday in Japan. The collection contains few new artworks but most of are outstanding ones since they are illustrated by Tony. You can get more previews at Akiba Blog, or you can order at J-List or Play-Asia.

TYPE-MOON Unlimited Calendar 2009

Just found this calendar collection on moe imouto this morning. Featured by all the works of TYPE-MOON, say, Tsukihime, Fate/stay night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/unlimited codes, Kara no Kyouka and the coming Anime series of CANAAN and game Witch of the Holy Night (魔法使いの夜, Witch of the Holy Night). Art works illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (武内崇) and Hirokazu Koyama (こやま ひろかず).

Fate Saber Portraits

The heat of the Anime Fate/stay night has not yet died out since the latest release of the artbook of Saber. Fate/stay night Saber Portraits (Fate/stay night セイバー写真集) was just released a couple of days before. Fourteen illustrators took part in the creation of the portraits book with over17 illustrations included. The book to me seems like a saber cosply show, many costumes shots are included, say, maid, school gym suit, Yukata and so forth.

REI Comiket 75 Doujinshi: MAIDISM

Late release of REI’s artwork. Maybe you have already known, REI (Circle name: REI’s ROOM) is not a Japanese but a Chinese (Taiwan) and also one of the most talent illustrators in the world. Sometimes I got confused with her artwork and Satoshi Kiba’s (木場智士, Circle name: RETRO).

Ryo Ueda Doujinshi: Color Defragmentation

Another Doujinshi from Comiket 75. The artist, Ryo Ueda (植田亮, Circle name: FancyFantasia, visit the blog), probably you have already seen his work around. Ryo Ueda is among one of those greatest illustrators. The original version of the Doujinshi which you can find on moe.imouto is huge PNG files (about 500MB). Check out the original version here.

Haruka Minazuki Doujinshi: KEMOMIMI COLOR

Haruka Minazuki (水月悠, Circle name: Hikami Oukoku 氷上王国) is one of those most talent illustrators you can find in Japan. His style contains both the MOE soul of OTAKU and the elegance of beauty. Especially he likes to draw Nekomimi very often. To me, he has just commited a crime of being too AWESOME.

However, Haruka seemed not have attent the Comiket 75 last December and there’s no news updates on his blog. Wondering what had happened. So far some most wanted Comiket 75 Doujinshi still cannot be found, say, choco chip, Takashi Hashimoto, Tasuku Iizuki and so forth, maybe they have just quited.

Tsubasu Izumi Doujinshi: Colorful Pop 6

This is also a Doujinshi released on Comiket 75 Big Sight Tokyo December last year. The artist or illustrator, Tsubasu Izumi (和泉つばす, Circle name: Hisuitei, 翡翠亭) is one of my favorite one who has done lots of works, say, Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka. Most of her (his?) works are outstanding and you may want to drop by the blog.