Ask the Commenters: What Will be Seikaisha's Next Big Project?

Ask the Commenters: What Will be Seikaisha’s Next Big Project?

The second season of TV Anime Fate/Zero will be ended on June 23rd in the coming month. No doubt it is one of the best series of the season, and we are more or less want more from either the producer or the author, aka, the TYPE-MOON. Recently, we heard from the official Twitter account of the COO of Seikaisha, the publisher of the novel of Fate/Zero, informing the fans to keep an eye on the TVCM of the publisher on the same day and explicitly specifying that an amazing new project is coming.

Why are You Watching K-ON?

Ask the Commenters: Why do You Watch K-ON?

MAL has an interesting topic on their forum regarding a comparative analysis of K-ON! fans with three other titles performed by ASCII Research Institute. ASCII concluded that the series received well to the general public, especially young women who don’t watch Anime frequently. The research reveals that 37% of K-ON! fans are women while only 10% of the audience are female for Strike Witches 2.

Ask the Commenters: Will You Watch AKB48 Anime?

The web is roaring about the news that idol group AKB48 will get their own Anime this week. Well, of course not all of them will get a character in the Anime otherwise there will be over 200 of them including their sister groups. So their took the vote and choose only 9 out of them. You can image the fierce fight already. The result will be shown on the official website.


Ask the Commenters: Are You Still Watching Blood-C?

Blood-C has been within my watch list of the Summer season. It is also a series that I was recommended by our readers to follow, and I did. The story starts like a duplication during the first few episodes, but ever since the 7th episode, getting a bit confusing about the relationship of Blood-C and xxxHolic. Now, even more with the interview of the director of the series Tsutomu Mizushima.

Aya Hirano

Ask the Commenters: How do You Think About Recent Aya Hirano Scandals

Seiyuu Aya Hirano was never failed to have scandals and she does have some kind of special abilities to generate some many. We have read about her a lot more recently and for folks may already known, it’s hard time for Aya Hirano these days and she even decided to, or forced to quit the idol and character voice job.

Ask the Commenters: What is the Most Touching Anime You Ever Watched?

How many Anime series have you watched? How did you like they? There are series of all kinds out there and some of them are sad while some of them are happy forever and ever. In this post, instead of discussing the best Anime series that you have ever watched, I would like to share with you the most touching one that I have ever watched.

Ask the Commenters: When did You Drop Naruto?

It is a question that I would like to ask everybody. Naruto is, probably one of the oldest series I loved before I actually fell in love with Anime as I do today. I was a big fan of it since the Anime adaptation of the series.