April 2010 Anime Female Character Poll

April has passed and we are sure all of you should have a detailed (or brief) review of what’s going on in those series of the season. Not yet? Check out our previous posts for more previews and recommendations. In the April 2010 Anime flood, which characters do you like (or hate) most? This is the first run of the poll series and this time is only for female characters. Take your side (choose up to 10 characters)! Basically we’ve just chosen the main female protagonists of the series. For more characters, make your recommendations in the comment!


Spring season – Initial thoughts

All the spring Anime series have had their chances to air their first few episodes and having watched some of them I want to quickly give my thoughts and opinion about it. Let’s start of with… K-ON!!

K-ON!! hasn’t changed much compared to the first season, I really liked the first season and got addicted to the ending of it. The second season is adorable too, the whole group is back and they’re practicing for their upcoming concert. Kyo-Ani definitely put more moe in this season, sometimes I think they exaggerated it a bit but overall great watch far. PS. Mio was the one taking a picture but still Azu-nyan is cute, right?


April 2010 New Anime Guide

Finally April is about to come. And to us, April seems to be the best season for Anime broadcasting and there’re tons of great Anime coming out at this time every year. Apart from this great season, we’d like to bring you the most wanted Anime of the month and persuade some of you to watch the one you didn’t like or hadn’t known about before. Want to find out more Anime, you may want to check out Chartfag’s Anime list.