Recommended Anime of January 2015

Most of the new series were already aired and wonder how you like them. This is a good season, with lots of interesting shows around. Some of them are really worth checking out, while the rest might depending on your energy and schedule. In the following list, we list several of them that we think you might want to have a try.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

January 2015 New Anime Guide

Welcome to the new year. So here is our latest preview of new TV Anime coming this Winter, starting from next week. What, having a boring weekend? Well, something great is just around the corner. We have over 30 series this coming around and have to say that I am not very excited about most of them. With a moderate expectation in mind, we do have some shining titles like the new Monogatari series which just finished aired this week, some really well promoted and fan orientated products like Kantai Collection and Cinderella Girls.

Dog Days Third Season in January 2015

Dog Days Third Season in January 2015

Still remember the news we talked about two years ago about the announcement of the third season of Dog Days? Now two years later, here we go. According to the announcement made during Comiket 96, the third season of the TV Anime will be aired in January 2015.

Dog Days Third Season Announced

Dog Days Third Season Announced

According to the Tweet of Fujima Takuya, the illustrator of the series, the third season of TV Anime Dog Days was announced during the live event Special Promotion -Flonya Festival 2012. The first season of the series was aired back in spring of 2011 while the second season was aired in this summer. The story revolves around a “hero” (who cares?), who is a junior high school boy living in the Earth, who was summoned by Princess Milchore to a different world.

Recommended Anime of July 2012

Third week of the new season, wonder how you like the new series so far. It’s a great season and we have lots of really awesome series. After watching the first two episodes of almost each title, guess have to decide whether each of them worth our time. Most of the sequel series are above my expectation this month, like one of the favorite Rinne no Lagrange and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Of course, we cannot fail to mention some of those promising series like like Sword Art Online.

July 2012 New Anime Guide

Just a week before July and we are already exciting about the upcoming season, probably for months. We have around 25 new series in the Summer season, including several sequel series like one of the favorite Rinne no Lagrange, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Yuru Yuri, plus several quite good new original series like Sword Art Online. It could be a quite good season compared with the flood this Spring.

DOG DAYS Second Season in Summer

DOG DAYS Second Season in Summer

According to the official website of TV Anime DOG DAYS, the second season of the series will be aired since July this summer. The announcement of the new season was made in October last year and the first season was aired back in April 2011.

Quick Look: DOG DAYS 2nd Season Announced

According to the official Twitter of HMV Anime, the 2nd season of TV Anime series DOG DAYS has been announced. It is totally not a surprise and if you take a look at the sale and the shining staff list, you probably would be convinced. The causal style of the series and cute girls of the series are widely accepted by fans even though in a name of War that actually fan-serviced a lot of people.

Millhiore F. Biscotti

Nendoroid Millhiore F. Biscotti from DOG DAYS by GSC

Good Smile Company is working on another new Nendoroid. This time, Millhiore F. Biscotti, the female protagonist from TV Anime series DOG DAYS. The Nendoroid also include Harlan, the ostrich thing our female protagonist’s “pet” is.

Recommended Anime of April 2011

All the series have already aired their first episode and it’s probably the time to make some recommendations. There are over 40 TV series in this season and it will sure take you a long time to finish watching all of them if you wish to. And despite the quantity, most of the series in the season are quite good in quality and it did take me a while to figure out which to follow.