July 2015 New Anime Guide

Lots of series ended these two weeks. Apart from few that will continue to air this Summer, we have some already planned their new season/cour in the coming October like Owari no Seraph, while others are more or less finding their way to a new season like DanMachi and Sidonia no Kishi. So before we get into each one below, we might already had an impression of what to expect in this hot season.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

January 2015 New Anime Guide

Welcome to the new year. So here is our latest preview of new TV Anime coming this Winter, starting from next week. What, having a boring weekend? Well, something great is just around the corner. We have over 30 series this coming around and have to say that I am not very excited about most of them. With a moderate expectation in mind, we do have some shining titles like the new Monogatari series which just finished aired this week, some really well promoted and fan orientated products like Kantai Collection and Cinderella Girls.

Durarara!! – 24 [End]

Not only did Angel Beats! end but also this quite amazing series ended. I would’ve never though that I’d get thát into this series by looking at the name. When I started watching I didn’t really have any expectations, that might’ve helped. But soon enough I got fairly amused and basically got addicted to it.

Durarara!! – Real World vs Anime

While surfing the web I found a youtube video that compares the real world Ikebukero from Durarara!! with the Anime Ikebukero. Even though it’s nothing new that an anime has real world resemblances, like in K-ON where they modelled the middle school. But I haven’t seen anything of this scale and detail though, the creators really took it up a level. Check it out on Youtube. The picture below is something I found very amusing.

Winter 2009–2010 and On-going Anime Review

Kimi ni Todoke is an easygoing anime, it doesn’t add much originality to the love story. It has your basic ingredients for a high-school romance: a popular guy falls in love with a girl who’s not popular at all. The girl, Sawako, is your silent but kind girl, she loves to help others and doesn’t expect anything in return. The guy, Kazehaya, is your popular guy, wherever he goes he gets followed by friends. Whenever he joins an conversation the conversation gets a lot more fun. At first it might seem that Sawako is a really exaggerated character, at least that’s what I thought, but later on it definitely improves. The story might not seem too original, if you are into romance series either anime or soaps you might have seen something like this before. I had the very same feeling but I don’t know what it exactly is that drew me deeper into the story, it just happened and each episode makes me want the next.

January 2010 New Anime Guide

It has been a great time enjoying watching the October Anime this year. Most of the series have ended this week and would love to write something about some of them. Back to the topic. There should be a lot of expectations on the Anime next year. Also there’re tons of great series this year and you will probably want to check them out: