Final Impressions: Ano Natsu de Matteru; Goodbye?

Goodbye? Yea, well, as much as this is an appropriate one-liner for the finale of the fantastic Ano Natsu de Matteru series, it also marks the unfortunate the end of my anime blogging “career” (or hobby, rather) and my leave from TheAkiba. But on the brighter side, Ano Natsu has more than exceeded my expectations, and as the series finale will attest, it’s a beautiful love story.

Final Impressions: Zero no Tsukaima F

Now after four seasons spanning nearly six years, Zero no Tsukaima has finally come to an end, though I would hesitate to say that it has come full-circle. And to keep things timely, I’ll spare the nostalgic reflection and delve right into the analysis. As far as the final battle against the Ancient Dragon is concerned, it was all executed fairly well considering the quantity of agonizing twists, close calls and fateful encounters.

Upcoming Changes and Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 08 Review

As many of you have probably noticed, growing strain from external projects has prompted many of the series being reviewed to either swap hands or in a worst case scenario, be dropped completely, so we’ve discussed and decided to make a few minor modifications to the posting schedule of the site, especially to that of the episodic reviews—not to worry though, not that much will change!

Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 07 – Sempai’s Feelings

Well we seem to have hit that “climactic middle” where a series ties up its exposition and proceeds to charge forward into the core of the story’s premise—often times in a new direction than its preface, which can propel the show towards success or actuate its demise. Fortunately, Ano Natsu choreographed this one perfectly, and its reassuring to know that my read on anime hasn’t degenerated completely as Kaori’s reasons for making a brash move at Kaito were pretty much what I had predicted.

Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 06 – A Rival for Sempai

I continue to be amazed by the success—both by the story and the flawless implementation of fresh, unadulterated enjoyment—of season frontrunner Rinne no Lagrange, and if there’s a series that could match it perfectly by the following criteria, it would be Ano Natsu de Matteru hands down. Both have undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the short span since their debut, which only attests to their achievement.

Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 05 – Sempai is the Heroine

That’s three points for Kuroda Yousuke for employing yet another perfectly-timed and captivating cliffhanger. As for a solution to the “fifth wheel” dilemma, I’m beginning to believe the only way for things to end peaceably is to end the series as a harem with two boys and three girls. Why not?

First Impressions: Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter is an anime with an interesting history; it began with an image which inspired a song, which became an OVA and finally a TV anime. It serves as an interesting reimagining of the OVA, adding a lot to the fundamentally flawed but enjoyable experiment that the OVA was whilst taking only a little away at the same time.

Guilty Crown Episode 15 Review

Episode 15 of Guilty Crown is without a doubt the strongest episode to date. To be honest it feels like I’ve been saying that a lot recently, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that it keeps improving since there’s so much it has to improve upon. Overall despite the usual, though mostly minor oddities and idiocies this is a solid episode where for once the good outweighs the bad, packing characterisation, action and drama into a well crafted and satisfying narrative.

Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 04 – Sempai Was Amazing

Simply walking away and acting like it never happened isn’t a terrible way of escaping that awkward moment when you find out that someone likes you. It may not be a permanent solution to the problem at hand, but it’s probably the best choice when your both living under the same roof.

Guilty Crown Episode 14 Review

Episode 14 of Guilty Crown is in a word…flawed. The storytelling is fine, and whilst the story itself remains as silly as last week, it is at least consistent and well directed. That alone would be enough to make this one of the best episodes yet. Unfortunately the show is once again let down by ignoring its own continuity, using plot devices of convenience and generally not making much sense.