ricordanza – Fate/stay night TV song collection –

Here we come to the recent release of the album of TV Anime Fate/stay night. The album consists of 10 tracks of the TV Anime of the series, of which featuring two tracks performed by the Character Voice of the two female protagonists Saber and Rin. TYPE-MOON has released a series of albums in order to prepare for the movie coming next month. Mariage -tribute to Fate- by Sachi Tainaka (タイナカサチ), ricordanza – Fate/stay night TV song collection – and Fate/Recapture -original songs collection-. All of the three albums were released on Dec 23rd, great gifts before Christmas.

TYPE-MOON Unlimited Calendar 2009

Just found this calendar collection on moe imouto this morning. Featured by all the works of TYPE-MOON, say, Tsukihime, Fate/stay night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Fate/unlimited codes, Kara no Kyouka and the coming Anime series of CANAAN and game Witch of the Holy Night (魔法使いの夜, Witch of the Holy Night). Art works illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (武内崇) and Hirokazu Koyama (こやま ひろかず).

Saber Lily Preorder

There’re lots of news about some populated figures ready for preorder these days. And among those the most outstanding one is the Saber Lily 1/7 PVC figure which has been shown on a huge amount of blogs and website and I will list some of them at the bottom of this post.

To be frankly, I didn’t get serious about figures in part of the high price and in part of the misled craftmanship, or most important, in part of being an business management major college student due to which I have to manage and make better use of my money ^^. But this figure is exceptional and brilliant and I was totally lured at the first sight.

Good Smile Saber Lily Poster

Woke up this morning noticed the latest news about Saber Lily on Akiba Hobby. The reservation starts today (23rd) and so far I found nothing on those online preorder sites. Price at 9800 YEN and is scheduled to release in June 2009.

Wishlist Weekly! Vol.2

Oops, here’s the second round of the wishlist, I don’t even realize that a week has passed. Things work well these days and I’m almost ready to buy a new hosting service, probably some time next week.

Saber Lily from Fate/unlimited codes

Woke up this morning and noticed the RSS feeds in my Google Reader. Drop in as usual and got one clicked which sent me to Dannychoo.com and got acquainted with the fabulous Saber Lily 1/7 PVC figure.

Everybody seems getting posioned since the first glance, including me^^ The below photo seems to be the unpainted version, or the figma one, not sure. Will bring more when pics are updated.

Illustrator Scans: WNB Mark: Fate/Unlimited Codes

Just got an awesome scan from icie on Hunting the Elusive. Drop by his blog to get it. Be careful, it’s “HUGE” ^^. And about the scan, WNB’s C75 Clear Poster Fate/Unlimited Codes, illustrated by WNB Mark (Mako Tatekawa (館川まこ) & Setse Yuena (ゆえなせつ)). Want to know something about WNB Mark? Check out their blog.

Figures in Anime Chaos;Head

Before entering into the main topic, I’d like to quote some introduction of this anime/game in case that you haven’t seen it before. Chaos;Head (カオスヘッド) is a Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus with gore, psychology, and science fiction elements that was released on April 25, 2008 for the PC. A port of the game, named Chaos;Head Noah (カオスヘッドノア), for the Xbox 360 console is currently in development and is slated for release on February 26, 2009. The game is described by the development team as a “Delusional Science NVL” (妄想科学NVL). The game’s premise revolves around a high school student named Takumi Nishijō who unknowingly walks into the scene of a gruesome murder on his way home. More mysterious events starts happening afterwards as more gruesome murders occurs in the area. Takumi struggles to cope with reality and the delusions he experiences as he tries to avoid getting caught by the perpetrator behind the chain of murders.