Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA: Day Game

Angel Beats! is back?! Not really. This is a nation tour by the band from the series Girls Dead Monster together with LiSA known as Keep The Angel Beats!. Guess it will bring back some happiness to the early ended series. The tour started from August 3rd to Sep 2nd, and below is a new Single released half way of the tour. Day Game, a new Single of band Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA.

Angel Beats! Album by Girls Dead Monster: Keep The Beats!

Final the series has came to an end, and finally this great album was (about to :)) released. It’s few days earlier than the official release date June as usual. Guess most fans were eager to have the album ever since episode 10 where the great track Ichiban no Takaramono (一番の宝物) was aired. Get it on Play-Asia or CDJapan.

Angel Beats! Insert Song by Girls Dead Monster: Little Braver

Here comes the third insert song Single of Anime series Angel Beats!. Fans who have already watched the latest episode may have already noticed about the second track Shine Days which was practiced by Yui as her new (last?) song. Haven’t noticed about when the first track Little Braver was played in the series.

Angel Beats! 3rd Insert Song Preview: Little Braver

This is a really nice preview version (full version) of the 3rd insert song of Anime series Angel Beats!. The sound quality is quite nice and guess there’s little difference between the official release version coming soon. Quite surprised to find the track is available some time before and was curious in which episode the track really broadcasted. This time, again, the track is performed by Girls Dead Monster (vocalist: Yui). The Sinlge is about to released on June 9th next week.

Angel Beats! Insert Song by Girls Dead Monster: Thousand Enemies

Below is the second insert music of the hot Anime series Angel Beats! Thousand Enemies is performed by LiSA as Yui (voiced by Eri Kitamura (喜多村 英梨), sung by LiSA) and was played in episode 5. The Sinlge is really nice but I like the first Sinlge Crow Song much better. Also wonder if there will be a third insert music Single and this time will another girl disappear?

Girls Dead Monster: Crow Song (Angel Beats! Insert Song)

It’s time for another anime related song, this time it’s Angel Beats’ insert song sung by GirlsDeMo, an abbrevation for Girls Dead Monster. I have no idea why the band has that strange name but the songs they sings are pretty good. “My Song” is really touching, for those who watches this series will know why ;).