Inori Yuzuriha Nendoroid

Inori Yuzuriha Nendoroid

One of our favorite TV Anime series Guilty Crown ended last month, leaving us lots of questions unanswered. Shortly after the ending, we learned that there would be an short OVA of the series bringing us more insights into the background of the series, i.e., the story of Lost Christmas. One more thing that we know is, there will be tons of related goods of the series coming right around the corner, and today, let’s take a look at one of my favorite, the Nendoroid version of Inori Yuzuriha. From Good Smile Company, the Nendoroid will be available in July.

Guilty Crown Episode 22 Review [Final]

The end of Guilty Crown is here, managing to raise more questions than it answers and leaving many more unanswered besides. A rather rushed and surprisingly inconclusive episode ultimately leads us to a bittersweet, if not simply confusing ending. Fans of the show might be satisfied but to everyone else it is a disappointing end to a disappointing show, despite the promise the previous few episodes had shown.

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas OVA Announced

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas OVA Announced

One of my favorite TV Anime of 2011 Guilty Crown was ended yesterday in Japan, with an ending which we cannot tell directly good or bad, or whether we feel happy or sorrow. We are more or less expecting something related to the series are coming and indeed there is. According to the producer Nitroplus’ announcement yesterday, a 12-minute long prequel OVA will be bundled with PC game Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas which is scheduled to release in the end of May.

Guilty Crown Episode 21 Review

The first battle of the fourth apocalypse is at hand and the fate of the world hangs in the balance as defiant United Nations forces bring their might to bear against the evil of Gai’s machinations. As war wages, Shu and a Funeral Parlour strike team take the fight to Gai in the beginning of the end as Guilty Crown heads towards its explosive climax.

Guilty Crown Episodes 16-20 Review

Episodes 16 to 20 of Guilty Crown are without a doubt some of the strongest and it seems the show has finally managed to find its footing in the second half of the season. Whilst it continues to make many missteps along the way, it’s proving much more interesting and enjoyable as each episode passes.

Guilty Crown OP2: The Everlasting Guilty Crown

The music of TV Anime Guilty Crown is always a highlight of the series. Performed by EGOIST, the new OP of the series The Everlasting Guilty Crown will be released next week on March 7 in Japan. Meanwhile, we managed to discover the full version of the track on Nico Nico Video. Though the quality of the source is not a pleasure to your ears, it might be just as good as a gift for those who are waiting impatiently for the full Single to come out, just like me.

Guilty Crown Episode 15 Review

Episode 15 of Guilty Crown is without a doubt the strongest episode to date. To be honest it feels like I’ve been saying that a lot recently, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that it keeps improving since there’s so much it has to improve upon. Overall despite the usual, though mostly minor oddities and idiocies this is a solid episode where for once the good outweighs the bad, packing characterisation, action and drama into a well crafted and satisfying narrative.

Guilty Crown Episode 14 Review

Episode 14 of Guilty Crown is in a word…flawed. The storytelling is fine, and whilst the story itself remains as silly as last week, it is at least consistent and well directed. That alone would be enough to make this one of the best episodes yet. Unfortunately the show is once again let down by ignoring its own continuity, using plot devices of convenience and generally not making much sense.

Guilty Crown Episodes 12-13 Review

Episodes 12 and 13 of Guilty Crown mark the shows end and new beginning respectively. As far as mid-season finales go, episode 12 was easily the best episode to date, a crowning achievement if not for the dubious quality of all that came before it. Episode 13 in contrast was as flawed as it was good, with both character development and nonsensical plotlines abound.

Ayase Endlave

Guilty Crown Mid-series Impressions

Guilty Crown attempts to encapsulate several genres at once and in doing so never manages to be particularly good at any of them. Overall it is the slice of life scenes which play out the most convincingly. Whilst that genre in itself is usually generic and predicable, the series manages to bring enough flair and good humour to make for an enjoyable viewing experience. However in the end all of the high school scenes should have been the stepping stone for Shu as he becomes part of Funeral Parlour, not filler for whenever a new character must be thrown in or the writers need an excuse for a beach episode.