Recommended Anime of July 2012

Third week of the new season, wonder how you like the new series so far. It’s a great season and we have lots of really awesome series. After watching the first two episodes of almost each title, guess have to decide whether each of them worth our time. Most of the sequel series are above my expectation this month, like one of the favorite Rinne no Lagrange and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Of course, we cannot fail to mention some of those promising series like like Sword Art Online.


July 2012 New Anime Guide

Just a week before July and we are already exciting about the upcoming season, probably for months. We have around 25 new series in the Summer season, including several sequel series like one of the favorite Rinne no Lagrange, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Yuru Yuri, plus several quite good new original series like Sword Art Online. It could be a quite good season compared with the flood this Spring.

TV Anime Hakuouki Third Season in Summer, Movie in 2013

TV Anime Hakuouki Third Season in Summer, Movie in 2013

Recently at an event in Yokohama where the OVA of TV Anime series Hakuouki Sekkaroku was sold, three new projects of the series was announced. First comes a special arc of the OVA which will be released in June. Second was a third season of the TV Anime with a title of Hakuouki Reimeiroku which will be aired this summer starting from July. Third, movies adaptation of the series were announced.


Recommended Anime of October 2010

It’s time for a roundup of what’s hot in the season. Haven’t started following the watch list? Check out the previous post for a sum-up of what’s coming this season. There are many series run beyond my expectations and it’s an story that I don’t really have much time to follow all of them. Sadly, I will have to pick what’s the most suitable for me and, of course, for the rest of us.


October 2010 New Anime Guide

Finally October has approached. Have been waiting for while for the release of new series. Any comments about the previous season? Read our July 2010 New Anime Guide and Recommended Anime for more details. And about the Fall season, there are tons of great Anime around and of course there are some of them you may not want to miss. Check out the following list for more.


Hakuouki: Second Season Announced

Anime series Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan (薄桜鬼〜新選組奇譚〜) finished airing the 12 episodes and at the end of the last episode, the series announced the coming second season which will be aired in this Fall. As we can see in the preview of the second season, Saito said that it’s not the age for Katana; and also take a look at Hijikata’s new costume, guess we could expecting the coming gun fighting in the second season.


Hakuouki ED by mao: Kimi no Kioku

Late post of the ending theme of Anime Hakuouki. Voiced by mao, Kimi no Kioku (君ノ記憶) is really an attractive track of the season. And for the Anime, which is quite above my expectation, is really a sweet appetizer of the month. Enjoy the nice Single!


April 2010 Anime Female Character Poll

April has passed and we are sure all of you should have a detailed (or brief) review of what’s going on in those series of the season. Not yet? Check out our previous posts for more previews and recommendations. In the April 2010 Anime flood, which characters do you like (or hate) most? This is the first run of the poll series and this time is only for female characters. Take your side (choose up to 10 characters)! Basically we’ve just chosen the main female protagonists of the series. For more characters, make your recommendations in the comment!


Recommended Anime of April 2010

Anime fans always love April mainly because the Anime aired in April are generally the best of the year. We have tons of great examples, say Code Geass, Valkyria Chronicles, Saki, Eden of the East, K-ON!, Fullmetal Alchemist and so forth. Check out our old post for what Anime had been aired on April last year (April 2009 New Anime Guide, Recommended Anime of April 2009). April is great not only because you can fool anybody you want, but also you can stay calm and enjoy the nice Anime. And for the season this year, I really don’t have much time since most of the Anime are great and worth watching. I hope I have twice the hours per day or I don’t need to sleep any more. Of course, stay awake is painful and we do need to take a rest from these excellent shows below.


April 2010 New Anime Guide

Finally April is about to come. And to us, April seems to be the best season for Anime broadcasting and there’re tons of great Anime coming out at this time every year. Apart from this great season, we’d like to bring you the most wanted Anime of the month and persuade some of you to watch the one you didn’t like or hadn’t known about before. Want to find out more Anime, you may want to check out Chartfag’s Anime list.