Hunter X Hunter Second Movie Announced

Hunter x Hunter Second Movie Announced

During the end of the movie of Hunter X Hunter Phantom Rouge premiered on Saturday in Japan, an announcement was made that the second movie of the series was green-lit for Anime production. The teaser featured Netero, the chairperson of the Hunters Association in an area similar to the Heaven Arena.

Hunter x Hunter Movie in January 2013

Hunter x Hunter Movie in January 2013

According to Mantan, the movie of TV Anime Hunter x Hunter will be premiered on January 12, 2013. With a title of Hiiro no Genei (Phantom Rouge), everybody who are familiar with the series can tell that it should have something to do with Kurapika and Genei Ryodan. Since the author Yoshihiro Togashi will be responsible for the script, we can be confident on the plot.

Hunter x Hunter Movie Announced

Hunter x Hunter Movie Announced

According to an interview with related staff, TV Anime Hunter x Hunter has just announced the movie adaptation. With a total sales of over 60,000,000 volumes of the original Manga, two TV Anime (one back in 1999 while one currently airing), the series finally decided to go for other legend. The story of the movie will be an original one and so far no other information was revealed.

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October 2011 New Anime Guide

Do you enjoy watching the new series this Summer? Have you read our list for the recommended series this July? We have a long list of Anime series for the previous July season, and now, we have an even longer one here. Ready for the flood for the TV Anime series coming next month? Buckle up and get rolling! Don’t scroll so fast in case you miss something – you are not on a roller coaster, not yet.

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown New PV Streamed, You Should Never Miss it

Still remember what the last when we mentioned about Guilty Crown, the new original TV Anime series coming this Fall? The best and most expected Anime series. I have no intension of changing my statement this time but would like to add one more testimonial: the must watch series this Fall.

Hunter x Hunter

October Anime Hunter x Hunter has more than 45 Episodes

We have just confirmed that the October new TV Anime series Hunter x Hunter will have more than 45 episodes (tentative), that is around a whole year! According to ANN, the information was revealed on English-language Program Licensing Catalogue of the Japanese production company NTV. It is really strange that the first hand news was somehow appeared on NTV’s English site instead of the local Japanese one.

Hunter x Hunter

October New Hunter x Hunter Anime Will be a Remake

We have confirmed the coming of the new Hunter x Hunter Anime this Fall and it will be aired since October 2nd in Japan. Also, we have just known that the new Hunter x Hunter Anime will be a remake of the series right from the start of the story. This time, the Anime will be produced by Madhouse.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter New Anime to be Aired this Fall

We’ve just talked about this a few days ago and it is now confirmed that the new TV Anime of series Hunter x Hunter will be aired this October. Fans already cannot wait for the airing of the series and guess it will be another big hit to all the coming series in this Fall.

Hunter x Hunter

Quick Look: Hunter x Hunter New Anime Adaptation Confirmed!

According to a leak pic from Shueisha bookstore, we have confirmed that the popular Manga series Hunter x Hunter was adapted into Anime again. The detail information will be bundled into the release of the upcoming 29th Volume of the Manga which will be released on August 4th.