Best April Fools' Joke: Sword Art Online, 12th Tokyo Anime Award Winner

Sword Art Online, 12th Tokyo Anime Award Winner

The winners of the 12th Tokyo Anime Award were announced at Tokyo International Anime Fair. Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki was chosed as the winner of both the Animation of the Year and Feature Film Category. As for the TV category, Kuroko no Basket which got lots of rumors these days was chosen, as well as another series that we are familiar with, Sword Art Online. Personally I haven’t watched Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki but according to what I’ve heard, it definitely worths title. But for SAO, it really surprises (actually, was not surprised at all) me and guess I should rewrite the title here, the best April Fools’s joke of the year.

Screenshot of the Week 5: Hyouka

Hyouka is my favorite Kyoto Animation show to date. The three arcs were pretty diverse, slow paced and quite detailed. I thought the characters were going to be classic stereotypes and pretty one-dimensional. Every single one of them proved me wrong. The animation was superb specially when they capture Chitanda’s eyes. To put it simply, I really did enjoy this, the characters really did spice up the show.

Tamako Market TV Anime in January 2013

Tamako Market TV Anime in January 2013

According to the official website, Kyoto Animation’s next original TV Anime Tamako Market is coming this winter and will be premiered in January 2013. The official Twitter also revealed the related staff of the series, including K-ON!’s director Naoko Yamada, series composition Reiko Yoshida, and of course, one that we can never fail to mention, Yukiko Horiguchi, probably the best known character designer of KyoAni, who also participated in Kokoro Connect and other hot series like Lucky Star.

Recommended Anime of April 2012

It has been a month since the airing of the new Anime this Spring, wonder how you like the series so far. At first glance, there are lots of nice series that you may wish to follow. Second thought, there are also many series you may just want to pass and it’s pure personal preference. Thus in this post, I will go though some of the most recommended and leaving the rest of them to be chosen by our readers.


Anime Recommendation: Hyouka

As the last TV Anime aired this April, Hyouka, as far as I assume, is the best of this Spring. With the first episode just aired yesterday, if you happen to watch, it has one of the best quality among the April new series and remind me that Kyoto Animation is finally back. Surprised right from the beginning, the OP of the series is another amazingly upbeat track.

April 2012 New Anime Guide

One week before April and half of the new series of this winter were ended, leaving the other half to be end next week. Some of the well received series like Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana ended today and yesterday, Guilty Crown ended this week, leaving us much to expect in the coming weeks. As for the upcoming new season, we have loads of new series coming as usual. Since there are too many series coming out this Spring, in this post, I will just go through a handful of them (a handful still means 30) which I think is of high quality or popularity.

Hyouka to Air in April 2012

TV Anime Hyouka to Air in April 2012

According to the latest update on the official website of TV Anime series Hyouka, the series will be aired in April 2012. Written by Honobu Yonezawa, Hyouka is a light novel series published by Kadokawa Shoten. Digging into the detail of the staff list, you will find a name that may be quite familiar to you, especially if you are a fan of Full Metal Panic series.