Recommended Anime of April 2012

It has been a month since the airing of the new Anime this Spring, wonder how you like the series so far. At first glance, there are lots of nice series that you may wish to follow. Second thought, there are also many series you may just want to pass and it’s pure personal preference. Thus in this post, I will go though some of the most recommended and leaving the rest of them to be chosen by our readers.

Kimi to Boku. OST on April 25

Kimi to Boku is a TV Anime series aired in fall last year, with a main focus on five high school bogs and their interesting yet heartwarming daily life. And guess most of the fans who watched the series would fall in love with the music. Performed by Shouta Aoi, the music attracted my attention right from the beginning.

April 2012 New Anime Guide

One week before April and half of the new series of this winter were ended, leaving the other half to be end next week. Some of the well received series like Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana ended today and yesterday, Guilty Crown ended this week, leaving us much to expect in the coming weeks. As for the upcoming new season, we have loads of new series coming as usual. Since there are too many series coming out this Spring, in this post, I will just go through a handful of them (a handful still means 30) which I think is of high quality or popularity.

Kimi to Boku. Second Season

Kimi to Boku Ended, Second Season Announced

One of the Fall 2011 series Kimi to Boku just ended this week, with an announcement that a second season of the series to arrived next Spring, that is April 2012. It is really a good series with topics around high school boys. Quite different from the mainstream which high school girls are the major consideration.

Recommended Anime of October 2011

It’s time for another post of recommended series of this season. If you haven’t checked out our list of new Anime this month, it’s time. There are tons of them, I mean it. Here is a list of a total of 19 series which is divided into recommended and casual watching sections. The recommended series are those I like a lot and think you will feel the same way, while the casual watching ones are I currently follow and you may want to have a try if you like it.

October 2011 New Anime Guide

Do you enjoy watching the new series this Summer? Have you read our list for the recommended series this July? We have a long list of Anime series for the previous July season, and now, we have an even longer one here. Ready for the flood for the TV Anime series coming next month? Buckle up and get rolling! Don’t scroll so fast in case you miss something – you are not on a roller coaster, not yet.