Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style

Charlotte Dunois Bunny Style

Though not a big fan of Giga Harem Robot series Infinite Stratos, I do like the cute characters, especially Charlotte Dunois, one of the female protagonists. Kotobukiya is going to release the 1/7 Charlotte Dunois PVC figure dressing in Bunny girl costume. If you happened to notice Tomoyasu Kurashima, the illustrator of the series, has painted the bunny version of all the female protagonists, you may get an idea that this is only a start.

Rin Natsume

Rin Natsume from Little Busters! by Kotobukiya

Cute 1/8 PVC figure of Rin Natsume based on Japanese light novel, Manga and Galgame series Little Busters!. Brought to you by Kotobukiya, this is a quite nice figure where you can see cats are surrounding Rin.

Asuka Langley Shikinami

Asuka Langley Shikinami by Max Factory

A new figure preview from mikatan on the Good Smile Company blog, the 1/6 scaled Asuka Langley Shikinami from Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. This time, the figure was produced by Max Factory and will be ready to release in November at around 7,800JPY. As you can tell from her suit, the figure is from the movie of the series Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

Long-Waited Maxima PVC Figure from Shining Hearts

Have been waiting for this figure to be released since I have played the PSP game Shining Hearts. The figure was released on May 27 2011, with a 1/8 scale and a price tag 7,140 JPY of from Kotobukiya.

Shining Wind: Blanc Neige Swimsuit PVC Figure

Shining Wind: Blanc Neige Swimsuit PVC Figure

Kotobukiya has decided to put another cute figure on their production line and this time, continue to be one of the protagonists from Shining series who show up both in Shining Tears and Shining Wind, Blanc Neige ( ブランネージュ ). This delicate 1/7 PVC figure featured the character in Swimsuit and will be available in July 2011 at 7140 JPY. You can pre-order now at CDJapan.

Kotobukiya: Nymph

Really cute Nymph 1/6 PVC figure from Anime series Sora no Otoshimono will be available June this year. Pretty delicated one and probably the best I’ve seen from the series. Guess Kotobukiya always has a better quality in character design than most manufacturers out there. And about the character, yes, Nymph is cute and is my favorite character of the series. She seems to have an appealing personality than other angeloids, including Ikaros and Astraea.


Kotobukiya is about to release the Suzuhime (鈴姫) 1/8 PVC figure from the fighting game series Samurai Spirits Sen (サムライスピリッツ閃) in November. Gemaga magazine exclusive. Despite her young age (14) she really has a nice body (I cannot believe this). The details are well done, white Pantsu, beatiful thighs and legs, topless breasts, elegant Kimono, everthing attract a man. Some previews are a little bit NSFW, you are warmed ^^

Isoroku Yamamoto

The 1/8 PVC figure Isoroku Yamamoto (山本 五十六­)Â from the Galgame Sengoku Rance (戦国ランス) will be released in September 2009. Another Sengoku Rance character Sill Plain. Am recently interested in the series and would like to bring a list of Sengoku Rance figures next time. You can preorder at HobbySearch, Hobby Stock and Amiami.

Sill Plain

Sill Plain (シィル・プライン), a female character of the galgame Sengoku Rance (戦国ランス) is made into figure by Kotobukiya. The 1/8 PVC figure will be released in August 2009. Sill looks cuter than in the game ^^ Check out more previews at Moeyo and Akiba Hobby. Preorder at Play-Asia. Also check out Hobby Stock for preorder and more if you can read Japanese.

Shuffle! Asa Shigure PVC Special Ver.

Kotobukiya (壽屋) is about to release its special version of Asa Shigure in June. What’s special in this new version? Well, if you have tracked the identical figure before, you will probably noticed about the hair style of both figures. In the normal version, we have Asa in short hair as she looks like most of the time in the Anime and Galgame Shuffle! while in the special version Asa is wearing her long hair and with a cute look on her face. To me, both look awesome! Preorder and get more info on Amiami.