Tamako Market TV Anime in January 2013

Tamako Market TV Anime in January 2013

According to the official website, Kyoto Animation’s next original TV Anime Tamako Market is coming this winter and will be premiered in January 2013. The official Twitter also revealed the related staff of the series, including K-ON!’s director Naoko Yamada, series composition Reiko Yoshida, and of course, one that we can never fail to mention, Yukiko Horiguchi, probably the best known character designer of KyoAni, who also participated in Kokoro Connect and other hot series like Lucky Star.

Light Novel Kokoro Connect Anime Adaptation Announced

If you “happened” to find that the thumbnail of this post reminds you of K-ON!, you get totally wrong. It is about light novel series Kokoro Connect which was green-lit for Anime. One of the highlight is that the illustration of the novel has a extremely similar character design which took me a while to identify. That is because the illustrator (Horiguchi Yukiko) of the light novel happened to be the same person as the character designer of Anime K-ON!.

K-ON! Earthquake

K-ON! Movie Roundup

Recently we have received several pieces of news and related topics of the upcoming movie of TV Anime series K-ON! which will open on December 3rd in over 130 theaters in Japan. In this post, we gather all the information to help fans learn what they want to know about movie.

Poll: Will There be a Third Season of K-ON!?

You may have already noticed some rumors about the third season of Anime series K-ON!. Sources came from various channels including DVD orders, Blue-Ray and so forth. And this time, I’d like to bring forward some other “rumor” based on different assumption.