Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Anime Adaptation Confirmed

Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Anime Adaptation Confirmed

According to the jacket band on the second volume of Manga Asa Made Jugyou Chu! (In Class Til Morning! or Classes Until Morning (smooch/kiss)!), an Anime adaptation of the series was announced. More details about the release date will be revealed in the upcoming January issue of Comic Alive magazine.

Recommended Anime of January 2010

Tons of new Anime were released in January. Guess folks have watched some of them. Indeed most of the series are good enough to follow this month. Some news have released about the coming April Anime release and we will bring some of them to you in the following months. And here start the recommendation.

Ladies versus Butlers! OP Single: LOVExHEAVEN

The series is among one of the recommended Anime release of January 2010. Actually the TV Anime is a little bit NSFW; but anyway, that’s fine with us :) The OP is one of the best among the January Anime and was released on January 27th. Voiced by the main Character Voices of the main character, the first track is very nice. Am sure you would like to check it out.

January 2010 New Anime Guide

It has been a great time enjoying watching the October Anime this year. Most of the series have ended this week and would love to write something about some of them. Back to the topic. There should be a lot of expectations on the Anime next year. Also there’re tons of great series this year and you will probably want to check them out: