A Week in New York City 1

Have been arrived at New York City for two weeks now and was waiting impatiently for the arrival of staffs from Time Warner Cable. The reason is simple, we need to get access to the Internet! Luckily, I have my iPhone connected and tethered the network to my Mac and I am able to write my first post during two weeks after arriving at New York City (NYC).

Trip in Washington D.C., New York and Boston

Just came back from the trip in the east coast of the United States, feeling pretty tired. Have been poking around the street at midnight and waiting for taxi in Bronx, NYC for an hour which makes me even worn out. Everything else seemed fine and the trip outweighs my expectation. We arrived at Washington D.C. at midnight and spent one day in the city. Several spots had been visited including the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capital Hill and other government facilities. We had compress schedule and had to move fast from spot to spot. Luckily, the city is not as large as I used to think and we were able to finish the tour in one day.

A Week in United States 13

Best event the week, of course, Halloween! The first time I enjoy the holiday in U.S., and also the first time that I saw so many “people” poking around the streets. It was a cold night yet some people running naked or half-naked on the streets. Surprised by the passion of the American people.

A Week in United States 12

It’s a special week. We went to Chicago and stayed there for a week. Transportation in United States are mainly cars, and almost everybody has a car. But we don’t and that’s why we took the Megabus and spent six hours to go to Chicago. It was the coldest day of the week when we got off the bus. The sky was covered with black shadow and the wind was strong. But the following day was good, the weather is great for traveling.

A Week in United States 11

Really a nice week. Apart from taking two exams, everything is fine. The more I took the courses, the more that I found I am not good at it. Let’s just leave the sorrow part alone and come to the better part of life. Some friends and I were invited by a nice host and spent a great afternoon in her house, taking photos all around some beautiful places. Fall (winter?) is coming, the mountain is covered with yellow leaves and green water. Too much a strike to me who have never been to such a beautiful place. Though partly due to the less pollution in United States, the landscape is incredibly a beauty.

A Week in United States 10

Cannot believe I have already been in the United States for 10 weeks. Still remember the first day I arrived at the airport waiting for two hours for friends to pick me up to the campus. Really a nice experience and sometimes cannot help look back to the past and to escape from the present ;) Guess I am doing terrible on my courses and kind of frustrated. Will work harder, or simply I am good at it. Will have to figure out what I am good at and try not waste time.

A Week in United States 9

Great news. I finally got my Canon 500D. The first time I have my own SLR, kind feeling like trembling when shooting photos. Kind of traditional Chinese food that my friends cooked during the birthday of one of them. Pretty good meal indeed, probably the best since I have been to the U.S. My head hurts from time to time and I just don’t know why. Seeing pictures flow by my head and feeling pretty much disgust and will take a while to recover. But whatsoever, I will keep up the good work on the picture thing and become more professional on taking photos. At least won’t tremble a lot.

A Week in United States 8

What is this. Learning, studying and working! Kind of like the schedule of my life right now. But admittedly I am a lazy lad and these words seem have nothing to do with me. But actually I was learning, but not that hard, while writing what it supposed to have finished last week (this article). I have received my Canon 500D DSLR this week and was amazed by the performance on the LCD of the camera, but not with my Mac’s screen. Even with the image stabilizer, the images seem trembling all the way. Guess I need practices, as well as my study. Will show more about the SLR in the next post of the series. Cheers.

A Week in United States 7

Seventh week in US, feeling quite normal and tired. Autumn is coming, kinda hoping that the freezing winter coming. Not only because of the October Anime release, but I have never seen the snow before, never been to a place that goes under 0 degree. God, I think I am mad ;) Pretty looking forward to get my SLR, can’t wait. And about the pic. I bought it not because I want to taste it, but because it reminded me of one of my favorite Anime Kara no Kyoukai where Shiki eats it in the first episode of the movie.

A Week in United States 6

Classes, classes and classes. Really tired of all these, especially mathematics which I learned four years ago and have forgotten ever since then. I have to revisit them all again. Kinda feeling like I’m falling way behind the courses. Other things to mention, I mean, really, October is coming, as well as the new season of Anime. Would really want to pick some of them to watch if I have time. The site will keep updating but less frequently. Try to keep up the work as time goes and as my making progress on my courses. Good luck to all of you, no matter what position you are in or what difficulties you are facing.