Saki Zenkoku-hen TV Anime Announced

Finally, Saki Zenkoku-hen TV Anime Announced!

According to the official Twitter, the TV Anime of Saki Zenkoku-hen (National Championship) was announced. If you still have questions, this is a sequel continue with the original TV Anime, also known as the first season and Saki again will be the protagonist. Meanwhile, the unaired 13 to 15 episode of the TV Anime of Achiga-hen will be aired starting from December on AT-X.

January 2014 New Anime Guide

January 2014 New Anime Guide

Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. We have around 30 series after slice and dice which is still a lot. Some of the previous series like Strike the Blood will continue to air in this winter and once again putting our spare time at risk. This new season has, quite a lot interesting series and over ten of them are already in my list. Some of the shining titles like the second season of long-awaited Seitokai Yakuindomo (well, we don’t need to speak out that), Saki and Chuunibyou, and Nisekoi which was expected to be the most welcomed series in this freezing winter. Wonder whether Wake Up, Girls will turn out to be a big disappointment, you will need to stay tuned this season.

Saki Achika Hen: episode of side A

New Saki TV Anime Announced, Coming April 2012

According to Shonen GanGan magazine, a new TV Anime of Saki, the Manga spin-off series titled Saki Achika Hen: episode of side A will be aired in April 2012, that is next Spring. We talked about this scheduled announcement last month and we knew there will be a new Anime of the series coming. And now, here it is. Instead of a second season, we have a brand new Anime series adapted from the spin-off Manga.

New Saki TV Anime Graphics Revealed

New Saki TV Anime Graphics Revealed

The Anime adaptation of Manga series Saki Achika Hen: episode of side A was announced back in early October. Five months before the actual airing of the TV Anime next Spring in April 2012, the official website was just launched on December 1st, and together, the Anime graphics were revealed.


Recommended Anime of April 2009

Tons of Anime this month. Confused and don’t know which to watch? We’ve got a watching guide but it was only an brief introduction and nothing more. Here I’d like to share some really nice Animes of high quality both in story and character design with you. Some of them are shown in the previous post and some of them don’t. This is just a list of Anime that I enjoy, if you have more, share them! Here we go.

Seitokai Yakuindomo*

Recommended Anime of January 2014

Here we go with the late recommended series of the season. With plenty of interesting series this season, it is time for us to manage the time properly. Was able to cut the list much shorter than my expectation and overall, this is a great season and for sure we are more looking forward to this Spring when we are going to have the second season of Date a Live.


Rumor: Anime Series Saki Second Season Coming?

There has been a rumor these days about the coming of the second season of Anime series Saki. According to the pic below, there will be an announcement together with the release of the 8th volume of the comic of the series on June 25, 2011.

Saki Manga

Saki New Announcement Coming Soon, Will It be a 2nd Season?

According to the Magazine scan, on the next issue which will be released on October 7, there will be an announcement of the new TV project of Manga series Saki. If you are staying with us, you should noticed that the rumor of a second season first raised back in early June and later it was confirmed that there would be a new TV Anime series.


Saki New TV Anime Project Announced

According to the latest volume of the Manga, a new TV Anime Project of Saki has been announced. Also a new spin-off Manga series Saki Achika Hen: episode of side A was announced and will begin be available in the September issue of GanGan. It will be illustrated by Aguri Igarashi, who also made illustrations for Bamboo Blade if you remembered.


Saki OP by Miyuki Hashimoto: Clossy: MMM

The nice Anime of April Saki released it’s opening theme song a few days ago. Voiced by Miyuki Hashimoto (橋本みゆき), it is a good track, as well as the Anime. The latest episode reveals some Yuri relationship between Saki and Nodoka ^^ To find out more about Saki’s pics, check out moe. BTW, recently tried to find a better online music/file hosting site to share files. Would really need your advices.