TheAkiba 3rd Anniversary

TheAkiba 3rd Anniversary!

TheAkiba is 3 years old! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve partnered with popular online distributor of Japanese goods, J-List to celebrate the day and bring you some free stuffs from Japan. Peter Payne, the founder of J-List, was kind enough to provide two Figmas and some other assorted Japanese goods. And to celebrate our 3rd birthday, we at TheAkiba would like to share that love with our readers.

Kirino Figma

Kirino Figma and Green Tea Kit Kat Giveaway

We talked about this last week. So, here we are at, the second round of the giveaway. Thanks for the supports from our readers, we had an really successful 3rd anniversary giveaway last week. The winners were announced last Saturday and congratulation to those folks. This week, we are going to do a similar thing.

20081228001 Theme by

Remember when I mentioned few days ago on Christmas Eve that I had been looking for Danny Choo’s email address to inform him about the theme stuffs? Guess what, I received Danny’s email one day after Christmas, surprisingly, since I hadn’t sent the email yet.

Danny and I were talking about the theme stuffs and we’re now ready to release the theme. I changed the style of theme according to Danny’s requests and made it looks much more identical to Check out Danny’s post here. Also you can check out the original one.

TheAkiba 7th Revamp

TheAkiba V7 Revamp

This is the latest redesign of TheAkiba since almost two years ago. Lots of things are changed and lots of new excitements are added. When I look back around five years ago when TheAkiba was first established, it was running on a free theme, and for most amateurs, we rarely pay for those premium themes or plugins since most of us won’t even need them. There are always free alternatives, and when you start to realize that everybody else is using the same thing as yours, it is time to rethink. So why not just create our own theme? Let’s stop here and guess I could come up with another few thousand words for my learning experience. But now, let’s just get more focused on the latest revamp.

Introducing Akiba Community

Introducing Akiba Community

I’ve talked about this again and again, it’s winter, it’s still winter, and in the last month of winter, I’d like to bring you the biggest upgrade of the site ever: introducing Akiba Community. By incorporating the social networking feature into the blog, our users will be able to access much more features and enjoy more convenience while browsing. In the meanwhile, visitors can also navigate through the site without any problems.


New jQuery Comment Function!

Some of you may have noticed that when you highlight some text in the post a blue “Respond” bubble will fade in around your mouse. Move over your mouse to click the bubble and it will scroll you directly to the comment box where is populated with an HTML blockquote of the selected text. This is a new trick I got just now from Jim Jeffers who demonstrates the function in helping improving discussion on blog.


Introducing Japaneta, Microblogging Platform for Japan Lovers

I am glad to introduce to you Japaneta, a microblogging platform for all the Japanese culture and sub culture lovers. Whether you are interested in Japanese learning, Japanese music, idols or Anime, you are totally free to share you findings on our network. If you are already using services like Twitter, then it’s even easier to get started. Unlike those big network where you are feeling like sinking under the surface (like the famous fail whale Twitter), Japaneta is a niche platform and will sure satisfied your daily Japanese digests.


New Theme Set off on Christmas Eve

This is really an exciting moment and I’d like to announce that is now using its new theme! Just get noticed that when I first talking about making my own theme, it’s exactly one month ago when I assumed that I could have spend like half an year to learn the skill since I have little knowledge on CSS and PHP. Pretty glad to find myself way ahead of schedule!


New Layout Update!

Okay, what should I say? Nothing I guess but I have to. The layout you see right now is a complete (approximately) clone of’s. May be you will say that I should make it 100% identical to Danny’s but my word is this is the end of the clone and I gonna built my site upon this theme. You might have noticed there’re some detail area (say, the related articles section) has been changed and this would be a sign of a tide of modification. Not sure Danny’s theme is under Common Creative Licese (while the Theme by is) but I’d like to built upon, basically because there aren’t many good themes (I shouldn’t say good themes but the themes that are suitable for my taste) outside you can rely on.

TheAkiba Survey

Survey: How Can We Make TheAkiba More Useful to You?

We have implemented several new things to the sites these days, including Akiba Newsletter and Akiba Network. Also, I have another idea in mind that is to add the social networking features to TheAkiba. And before I trying out all these, I would like to hear some voices from our readers.