TheAkiba 7th Revamp

TheAkiba V7 Revamp

This is the latest redesign of TheAkiba since almost two years ago. Lots of things are changed and lots of new excitements are added. When I look back around five years ago when TheAkiba was first established, it was running on a free theme, and for most amateurs, we rarely pay for those premium themes or plugins since most of us won’t even need them. There are always free alternatives, and when you start to realize that everybody else is using the same thing as yours, it is time to rethink. So why not just create our own theme? Let’s stop here and guess I could come up with another few thousand words for my learning experience. But now, let’s just get more focused on the latest revamp.

Blog Minor Revamp

Blog Minor Revamp

It has been a while since the last redesign of the blog. With the release of Foundation 3.0, I though it may be the right time for me to tweak the blog a bit to stay up to date. Spent two weekends to finish the work and quite satisfied with the productivity. All you see may just be the sidebar and probably some other minor changes but indeed, it is quite a big change in terms of the inner part.

TheAkiba V6: Reverie

TheAkiba V6: Reverie

After two weeks of design and redesign, finally I finished the sixth version TheAkiba. The new theme is written on the top of Reverie. You might not think it is a big change but if you still remember what the original fifth version looks like, you will probably agree with me. You might also notice that I’ve put the Series Database offline for maintenance. Will make it compatible with the new theme and put it online later. So far I am quite satisfied with the new theme.

Series Database

Series Card Reloaded, Introducing Series Database

Continued by Series Card, I made this new section of the site which I called it Series Database, just to expand the Series Card for future use. You can take the Anime Series Database as an advanced version of Series Card. It expands the categories and gives you information that you are not able to see on Series Card.

ThemeFortress: New WordPress Blog Launch

Have been planned for a while and finally it is here. I just launched my latest website two days ago, ThemeFortress, a WordPress related blog that focuses on bringing you tips about theme design and develop. On ThemeFortress, you will learn about basic settings and developing of your own WordPress blog. From installing a simple copy, setting up your local testing environment, to design and code your own theme, super charge and fortify your theme with powerful framework and proper plugins. At least that is what I am planning to do.

Danny Choo WordPress Theme Updated

I’ve mentioned it a while ago, so, here it is. This is an update version of the previous Danny Choo WordPress theme (learn more about this theme here, or on Danny’s blog). Nothing changed in the look of the theme except I upgrade it to add several features and make it compatible to the latest version of WordPress 3.2.1. In order to use this theme, you should have a 3.0+ version installed in order to use the theme.

TheAkiba V5 Blog Revamp

You might have already noticed several changes were made to the current theme of TheAkiba. With all the changes, it is still a V5 version, not something especially new for the main design. Also, will find time to update the Danny Choo theme and make it compatible with the latest release of WordPress.

TheAkiba V5 Launched

TheAkiba V5 Launched

Finally it is here. The new theme (V5) of TheAkiba is finally online. Have worked it for a while and it is now online. Still have something to tweak with but overall it is done. Didn’t make too much change to the layout since it is the best I can imagine and it has a optimal user experience to me. I have basically rewrote all the code and refine the CSS to the latest updates. Not very much new things here and will sure to keep on tweaking it.

New Year’s Greeting from TheAkiba

Happy New Year to all! Hope so far you have a wonderful holiday and to those who have already gone back to the office, take care. Some wew series of this Winter have already been aired. Surprised to find that most of the quality of the series are way above my expectation. Guess we could have a lot to watch this time.

TheAkiba Redesign Completed: Forth Version

Finally the redesign of TheAkiba is completed. Currently running on the new V4 theme. Guess I am just tired. Have studied tons of websites before the idea coming out. Thanks to Tutsplus network, the main development of the code was done and I was able to finish coding in time. Although not many new ideas came to the theme while the features were increased. This is not an original design but an redesign based on the framework and layout of Tutsplus Network. Will continue digging into the detail and furnishing the look in the coming days. Right now just enjoy the feeling of satisfaction.