Puffy AmiYumi US TOUR 2017 Announced

Puffy AmiYumi, the iconic duo behind the OP and ED songs to anime such as ReLIFE, Naruto Shippuden: The Will of Fire, and Usagi Drop is once again touring the United States! The dates that have been announced are: 04 April – The Belasco Theater, Los Angeles 06 April – The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco 09 April – […]

Usagi Drop EP 11 [Finale] – The First Step

Did I read right? Final episode?! Indeed. As Summer is finally winding down to a close, so also are the marvelous series of the season (not to mention my own biological clock, which as of late has been doing a great job at keeping me in bed until 10AM). Nonetheless, the finale doesn’t disappoint—fan-service ladies?

Usagi Drop EP 10 – Stomach Flu

Rin’s school is hosting their annual Cultural Festival—a mecca for dads to boast their children’s abilities and exchange numbers with others of their own ilk. Not to say there aren’t subtle competitions; Rin may be the best artist in B class, but Sayaka’s dad is a male model.

Usagi Drop EP 09 – A Typhoon Has Come

School is in full swing as Rin and her classmates are now occupied with learning the essentials of tween life, namely memorizing characters and supplementing with drawing flowers. Being an energetic adolescent, Kouki is especially uninterested in school—to the dismay of his teachers—but responds surprisingly well to a stern hand from Rin.

Recorder to Randoseru

Recorder to Randoseru TV Anime to be Aired this Winter

Meme Higashiya’s four-panel Manga series Recorder to Randoseru (Recorder and Satchel) just announced its TV Anime adaptation. A light is probably threw into your mind from the title. We have a few elementary students series in the Summer season, but Recorder to Randoseru seems to have a very different style from Usagi Drop’s heart-warming and RO-KYU-BU’s fan service story.

Usagi Drop EP 08 – Precious to Grandpa

Now that it’s summer vacation, Rin is the one to take Daikichi’s place as the early bird—watering the bellflowers and ‘hopping’ the loquat seedling. Although the bellflowers aren’t yet flowering, Daikichi convinces her to visit Oji-san’s grave site before the O-Bon festival. Despite being downgraded from father to nephew (it’s a complicated relationship) their visit encounters an anomalous twist when they discover a recently-deposited flower within an inkwell vase. Of course the implications can only point to the over-worked manga artist, Masako.

Usagi Drop EP 07 – Secretly Running Away from Home

Rin and Daikichi’s tranquil morning routine is quickly interrupted by a surprise visitor, which turns out to be cousin Haruko and tag-along Reina. The reason behind their retreat is to find respite from the conflicts at home—most of which are attributed to her husband. Meanwhile, Daikichi is feeling the back-lash of  filling the ‘single parent’ role as he’s caught shopping with Haruko by Kouki’s mom, only to have his marriage-distraught cousin nudge him towards the idea.

Usagi Drop EP 06 – My Tree

While making last minute preparations for First Grade, the duo begins scouring the grocery store for supplies—not 5 minutes and Rin is given the “cereal” talk by kanjin Daikichi. Apparenly, we eat candy for breakfast (who knew). On the walk home, Rin suggests passing along the street lined with blooming Cherry Blossom trees, prompting the vastly more lengthy “tree” talk.

Usagi Drop EP 05 – Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi

Through determination Daikichi is able to contact Masako-san, who agrees to meet at the ambiguous “Shopping Place”. As the duo heads off for another visit with Oba-chan, Rin continues to show an aptitude for motherhood. With Rin distracted by mysterious art of embroidery, Daikichi is out waiting for Masako-san in at a local family restaurant.

Usagi Drop EP 04 – The Letter

As curious schoolmates begin to pester Rin about her not having a real ‘father’ (or mother), she is saved by Kouki-kun—likewise raised by a single parent. Despite his seclusiveness, Kouki and Rin quickly become friends as they share similar interests, as well as family-types. When Daikichi arrives for pickup, he runs into Kouki’s attractive mom, with whom he walks home. Although his mannerisms definitely would not be described as ‘smooth’, Daikichi is exceptionally persistent.