Zero no Tsukaima Author Passed Away

Zero no Tsukaima Author Passed Away

According to the announcement made yesterday on the official website of Media Factory, Noboru Yamaguchi, the author of Japanese light novel Zero no Tsukaima passed away on April 4 after battling with cancer for two years at the age of 41. We talked about Mr. Yamaguchi’s condition a lot two years ago when he was first to undergo surgery. For the light novel, Mr. Yamaguchi had planned a total of 22 volumes which was supposed to ended in 2012. However, the last volume published was volume 20 back in February 2011.

Final Impressions: Zero no Tsukaima F

Now after four seasons spanning nearly six years, Zero no Tsukaima has finally come to an end, though I would hesitate to say that it has come full-circle. And to keep things timely, I’ll spare the nostalgic reflection and delve right into the analysis. As far as the final battle against the Ancient Dragon is concerned, it was all executed fairly well considering the quantity of agonizing twists, close calls and fateful encounters.

Zero no Tsukaima F EP 02-03 Roundup

It was obvious from its debut episode that Zero F would venture where its former seasons has not and waste no time diving into some pretty sizable plot developments early on. Of course, it makes sense considering that this is the all-important final season, but that doesn’t make an outright invasion headed by the hellish antagonist to destroy all that is decent in the world any less surprising at the third episode.

Recommended Anime of January 2012

It’s time to make some recommendations. We have around 20 series this winter and judging from the first one or two episodes, most of them are quite above my expectation. And of course, some are way below but it is all depends on whether you like it or not. If you haven’t started to follow the new series, maybe you should check out our winter Anime list.

First Impressions: Zero no Tsukaima F

After nearly four years since the airing of its third season, Princess no Rondo, way back in 2008, Zero no Tsukaima is back with the much of the same old ecchi flair and familiar dynamic love polygons. To avoid starting the season blindly, I took the time to watch the latest season as a refresher, but unfortunately the breathtaking Fall lineup kindly wiped clean my memory. . .again.

January 2012 New Anime Guide

Over half of the Fall series came to an end and wonder how you like them before proceeding to a brand new season. We have lots of interesting series this fall, including some of the most expected series like Fate/Zero, Guilty Crown and so forth. Generally, compared with Spring and Fall season, the new series of Winter season are a bit less (but we are still going to put up over 20 series in this post), and the quality may also be understated. Probably staffs are busy for a new year, so as the rest of us. However, we are going to see some really good series this Winter. If you are ready, let’s get started.

Zero no Tsukaima F Promotional Videos

As you may have already known, the final season of TV Anime Zero no Tsukaima will be aired this winter around January 7 2012 on AT-X in Japan. The previous announcement which indicated the TV Anime would only have 12 episodes seem far from enough for most of the fans. Today, the official website updated three videos including two previews of the new season and a recap of all previous seasons.

Zero no Tsukaima Final Season

Winter TV Anime Episode Announced, Zero no Tsukaima only has 12

Some of the official websites of the upcoming TV Anime of the winter season have announced the air schedule. Surprisingly and disappointingly, one of the most expected series Zero no Tsukaima Final only has 12 episodes, probably far from enough and it is sure to have a different ending as the original novel which schedules to end next year.

Ano Natsu de Matteru

J.C. Staff Produces 6 Anime this Winter

J.C. Staff is going to support around six series this winter, and you may start to doubt the quality. Two TV Anime are extended from this Fall including Shakugan no Shana Final and Bakuman 2. The second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is also scheduled to aired this winter and there should be a joy to the fans of Loli. Apart from the above three series, we also have something new like Kill Me Baby and Ano Natsu de Matteru which we have talked about a lot. Last but not least, the final season of Zero no Tsukaima.

It’s Here! It’s Confirmed! Zero no Tsukaima 4th Season Coming January 2012

Though I have already expected it happen, it’s just let me feel exciting. It’s finally here. The 4th season of TV Anime series Zero no Tsukaima (The Familiar of Zero) will air in January 2012, that is this Winter! It is probably one of the best news of the month. Noted that the below source scan has some kind of printing mistake. It should be 2012 instead of 2011. Announcement was also made on the official website today, indicating that the series will be soon coming.