Tora Dora! Ends


All the 25 episodes of Anime Tora Dora ended this week. And lot of Animes are about to end in the following few weeks, say, the 51 episodes series of Soul Eater, some short series like Gundam 00 2nd Season and Minami-ke. Tora Dora! is one the best Anime among the October 2008 Anime release, both in its produce quality and line of story. PS. Yuri Koigakubo (恋ヶ窪 ゆり), the 29 years old homeroom teacher of Ryuuji’s class looks like the character in Time Leap Paradise in the following screenshot ^^


In the last episode, Taiga left Ryuuji and stayed with her mother for the rest of the high school life. In the day of graduation from high school, Taiga came back to her previous school and met Ryuuji. Taiga looks cute in her new black school uniform.


And something to remember about the story. As we have already known, Ryuuji firstly fall in love with Minori (the girl on his left). But what happened after he knew Taiga’s secret and how she felt towards Yuusaku Kitamura (北村 祐作)? The relationships among these four seem quite complicated to me. When did Taiga started to like Ryuuji and when did Ryuuji started to like Taiga? Or when did Minori started to like Ryuuji (I cannot believe that she likes Ryuuji due to her previous behaviours towards him, am I not sensitive enough?)? The story got even more complicated after Ami joined in, I had thought. But it turned out to be clearer than ever. I think Ami started to like Ryuuji when he knew the real character of herself. This two, as Ami herself said, were like each other and at times I really like these two being together. Ami is a kind of push power from the outer circle of the above four people, or three people. She seldom got involved and seldom lost herself. Well, this is really some kind of personal opinion, no more.


The two losers, this is the first word I can say about the above sreenshot. In all, Ryuuji looks a bit different from those male characters in Harem Anime and I really think this is good Anime and definately worth watching if you haven’t.


The above artwork is illustrated by Kantoku (カントク, Circle name: 5 Nenme no Houkago/5年目の放課後)

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