Trip in Washington D.C., New York and Boston

Just came back from the trip in the east coast of the United States, feeling pretty tired. Have been poking around the street at midnight and waiting for taxi in Bronx, NYC for an hour which makes me even worn out. Everything else seemed fine and the trip outweighs my expectation. We arrived at Washington D.C. at midnight and spent one day in the city. Several spots had been visited including the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capital Hill and other government facilities. We had compress schedule and had to move fast from spot to spot. Luckily, the city is not as large as I used to think and we were able to finish the tour in one day.

The next stop was New York City. We took the Megabus from Washington D.C. to New York and spent two days in the city. NYC is a big city and it was the first time I saw so many people on the street in U.S. :) We’ve only visited Manhattan and Bronx in NYC, passing Brooklyn Bridge and stepped on the cruiser heading for the Statue of Liberty.

Boston is the last stop of the trip. Time was spent on visiting several universities in this area, including the The statue above is the “founder” of Harvard University John Harvard. You may want to see more pics on my flickr. Still need more time to recover from the trip and will start the project to refurnishing the site and adding more functions. Stay tuned!