Upcoming Changes and Ano Natsu de Matteru EP 08 Review

We’ve been quite busy over the past few months here at TheAkiba, and now it feels as though much of the shelved work set aside to make room for watching and reviewing shows has accumulated to the point that it’s now raining down like monsoon season. As many of you have probably noticed, growing strain from external projects has prompted many of the series being reviewed to either swap hands or in a worst case scenario, be dropped completely. And yet, while this is currently still the case, we’ve discussed and decided to make a few minor modifications to the posting schedule of the site, especially to that of the episodic reviews—not to worry though, not that much will change!

First, we realize that weekly episode reviews can not only be time-consuming, but oh so monotonous to read when the basic plot deviates so little on a week-to-week basis—even for the best series. Thus, in an attempt to keep things interesting, we’ll be shutting down weekly episodic reviews and reducing the frequency to the essential (and often most exciting) first, mid and final series impressions. In it’s place we’ll instead be allocating our time to writing possibly shorter, news/pop culture-related posts ranging from already existing PV’s and figure highlights to event reviews, polls and extended monthly Japan recapture posts. The end result? Hopefully the effect will be two fold: We, the writers, will now be capable of diversifying the topics of daily posts with added frequency, as these are not retrained by scheduling and can be done in those brief pockets of free time, ultimately giving you, the readers, more to read with added variability. Of course, we’re always looking for new writers for the site, so if you consider yourself a good writer and feel that you have some unique talents to share with the anime and Japan pop culture community, click here to apply.

Anyway, on to a brief summary and review of last week’s busy episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru (sadly I won’t go into extravagant detail, but I’ll make sure to hit all the key points). Everything in terms of making a clean transition from last week’s apparent “climactic” mid-series episode was executed perfectly in this week’s installment, yet evidently, a last-minute confrontation with an alien rescue robot prompting the earlier-than-expected slip of Ichika’s secret can make all the difference. I honestly don’t think anyone realistically expected the series to conclude without Kaito discovering the truth about Ichika, but I was a bit surprised to see everyone else present as well for the grand reveal. That particular unpredictable twist seemed even to exceed Remon’s expectations, as it brought along with it some fairly condemning evidence with Ichika once again using alien technology to save Kaito’s life. And to think that the whole ordeal was all a result of Rinon’s missent distress signal. Of course, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how everyone copes with this revelation, especially Kanna who could benefit by Ichika’s possible sudden leave, or lose once again if it boils down to a matter of Kaito accepting the truth of Ichika’s origins and remains faithful. Unfortunately, Tetsuro might have summed it up all to well by saying that it will all end in tears.

As for the overarching love polygon—shaping up to be quite a variable one at that—Mio’s clearly doing something right with a change of attitude and a attractive haircut, as it’s already having a notable effect on Tetsurou in getting him to acknowledge her feelings and start considering her as a potential girlfriend, meanwhile Kaito is demonstrating sheer recklessness in his pursuit of protecting Ichika by throwing himself in harm’s way without a second thought. This unfortunately leaves Kanna in standing alone in the middle of it all. Even with Kaito aware of her feelings for him, Ichika is proving to hard to outshine, which can be hard to watch. At the same time, I can completely understand where Kaito’s coming from as he is undoubtably blinded by his love for her. As insensitive as it may sound, I believe I would’ve been more disappointed had he not ran off after hearing Ichika scream and stuck around to hear Kanna’s confession. I love Kanna and still consider her one of my favorites of the show as an individual character, but I respect how Kaito is being honest with himself, and thus I look at this as just an unfortunate scenario. After all, it’s fairly certain that someone will eventually wind up hurt, and even if Ichika does leave I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kaito remain single rather than turning to Kanna as a rebound.