Usagi Drop EP 05 – Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi


Flashback: Through determination Daikichi is able to contact Masako-san, who agrees to meet at the ambiguous “Shopping Place”. As the duo heads off for another visit with Oba-chan, Rin continues to show an aptitude for motherhood. With Rin distracted by mysterious art of embroidery, Daikichi is out waiting for Masako-san in at a local family restaurant. Initially Masako mistakes him for Souichi (the grandpa), but soon calms down enough to reveal her job as a author/illustrator—a profession originally encouraged by ojii-chan—and her intentions to never reclaim Rin.

Back at the house, Oba-chan agrees with Daikichi’s proposition of Rin using the ‘kawachi’ surname, prompting the idea of adoption. However, asking Rin is postponed as Daikichi presents Rin with her own kid-sized chef’s knife—inspiring the aspiring mom to prepare some curry for dinner. With some pointers from the long-time single man, Daikichi, the two enjoy some delicious curry.

Finally getting around to the task at hand, Daikichi classlessly presents adoption to Rin, who rejects the idea on the grounds of being content with their current situation, so he decides not to push. Also of note, is Rin’s nursery graduation. Watching the kids sing a cute song and bid farewell to their former classmates obviously displays Rin’s happiness, plus is looks like she’s got a thing for Kouki-kun (no telling where that will end up). The episode ends almost full circle as Daikichi calls Masako asking for a ‘favor’ . . .


Woot! Is it legal to bathe with your grandfather’s illegitimate child-who-is-now-sort-of-your-daughter-now? Maybe it’s cool if your 30 and single. Well, the mystery of the ‘Masked-Masako’ was finally revealed—and it’s nothing too exciting, really. She’s just some neglected little kid who likes drawing Manga and eating rainbow ice cream. I have to admit being relieved when it looked like we would never see her again, but we can’t discount the the final few seconds of the episode where Daikichi called Masako to ask for some sort of favor. What will it be? Stupid cliffhangers.

It’s disappointing that Rin rejected the great idea of adoption. I mean, how better to become closer to being a ‘real’ family? However, it makes sense for her to push for things to remain unchanged—noting how well things have been going. One thing I keep wondering is, does it seem like Rin has roughly doubled in size? I swear she looked maybe two-feet tall at the funeral, and now she’s pushing 3 and a half. I blame poor time-lapsing ^^

And finally, Rin has now graduated and is preparing to start first grade! And with her new best friend, Kouki, we might start seeing hints at a relationship (maybe, they are just first graders). Either way, the two’s togetherness will most likely result in Daikichi and Kouki’s mom becoming close. Like I mentioned before, it seems like too big of a coincidence to blow off. I could definitely see Kouki being Daikichi’s son—it’s all in the face.