Usagi Drop EP 07 – Secretly Running Away from Home


Rin and Daikichi’s tranquil morning routine is quickly interrupted by a surprise visitor, which turns out to be cousin Haruko and tag-along Reina. The reason behind their retreat is to find respite from the conflicts at home—most of which are attributed to her husband. Meanwhile, Daikichi is feeling the back-lash of  filling the ‘single parent’ role as he’s caught shopping with Haruko by Kouki’s mom, only to have his marriage-distraught cousin nudge him towards the idea. As Haruko continues to spill her pent-up feelings at night, both girls lie awake listening as Reina explains how their parents often fight (darn the paper-thin qualities of Japanese sliding doors!)

Of course, being the courteous host that he always is, Daikichi *happily* allows them to spend a few nights. However, Haruko’s nightly psyche sessions began to wear-off on the 30-year-old single guy—making things look like he might actually be looking into the proposition of marriage.


It’s times like these when you have to ask yourself, “Deluxe Big Nyan Gum or Meow Meow Kitty Candy?”

Haruko’s unexpected visit sure did pay-off in more ways than one, begging the question, “What would’ve happened if she didn’t drop by?” In addition, she brings some serious questions to light for Daikichi, namely:  whether or not a single parenthood could actually work out, and if so, what implications would it have for Rin? And also thanks to Haruko, Daikichi has a second opinion (besides his own) prompting him to consider marriage—more specifically, marriage to Kouki’s mom ^o^

As Haruko finally departs, a classic Japanese feeling of  “bear through it” becomes an overarching theme. Obviously there continues to be unresolved problems between Haruko and her husband, but even for Reina is appears her attitude has become a reflection of her unstable relationship with oyajii. At least Daikichi is single, and therefore has some ‘leg-room’ to commit—shouldn’t be too long before he’s giving Kouki the stern hand of fatherhood. . . from the same house ^^