Usagi Drop EP 09 – A Typhoon Has Come


School is in full swing as Rin and her classmates are now occupied with learning the essentials of tween life, namely memorizing characters and supplementing with drawing flowers. Being an energetic adolescent, Kouki is especially uninterested in school—to the dismay of his teachers—but responds surprisingly well to a stern hand from Rin. Meanwhile, Daikichi is discovering there is much he still has to learn about being a dad as he becomes involved in a discussion with his fellow dadly co-workers discussing the wonders (and challenges) of childcare and insurance. Rin has quite an aptitude for school, though, thus dwelling on insurance seems to be more trivial than productive.

Daikichi picks up Rin from school, and seeing that Kouki’s mom still hasn’t arrived, invites the future storm-chaser to tag along. Overjoyed to help close the storm doors (maybe a little too overjoyed), Kouki spends the night at the house. As the storm rages on, Kouki’s mom arrives and reluctantly agrees to stay for dinner. Rin, as usual, is first to help in the kitchen while Daikichi and Kouki lounge in the family room—a euphoric glimpse at Daikichi’s future family. Exhausted from Hiragana homework, Kouki asks to spend the night. However his mom, reluctant to impose on others, decides to delay the inevitable~


Great to start the episode off with Kouki misinterpreting everything again—insisting the news revealed that the Shinkansen was pooping—though it doesn’t hurt to have ace student and art prodigy Rin to give balance to the series. Rin also provides relief to her teachers as she alone is able to tame his apathy (with love, of course ^^).

The series has been gradually developing the tone and the setting for Daikichi’s perspective on obtaining a ‘true family experience’, whether it be through conversations with co-workers or his increasingly close-knit relationship with Kouki.

Although it definitely appears his intentions have evolved as well. In place of lust (in a good way) for Kouki’s mom, the situation is now much more about providing a healthy environment for Rin, as well as giving himself a sense of partnership. Despite Daikichi being well-capable of providing for Rin, both could obviously benefit from a the help of a second parent in the home. First things first—Kouki’s mom needs to accept Daikichi’s hospitality and stay the night ^o^.