Usagi Drop EP 10 – Stomach Flu


Rin’s school is hosting their annual Cultural Festival—a mecca for dads to boast their children’s abilities and exchange numbers with others of their own ilk. Not to say there aren’t subtle competitions; Rin may be the best artist in B class, but Sayaka’s dad is a male model. However, Daikichi is always enthusiastic about talking with like-minded fathers. Though it doesn’t hurt to run into Kouki’s mom once on a while. . .or all the time ;3 Daikichi’s ideal morning is soon interrupted as Rin develops a fever after roaming about outside with Kouki in Japan’s winter temperatures.

Although not the flu, the fever causes Rin’s temperature to consistently ascend while suppressing her appetite. Despite efforts to disguise the medicine in juice, Rin continues to refuse food/drink. As Rin’s condition declines, Daikichi is left at a standstill, unsure of how to administer treatment. Fortunately, Daikichi’s salvation appears as Kouki’s mom arrives to offer a welcomed hand—and her special chicken noodle recipe. She lends a hand in attending to Rin while offering invaluable advice to the unnerved single-dad on maintaining a positive attitude. The next morning, Rin’s fever finally breaks and Daikichi is exhausted, but genuinely relieved. However, as the two pay a visit to Kouki’s house, they discover his mom has come down with a cold.


Sooner or later we’d have to watch helplessly as Daikichi panics for control over Rin’s first sickness—an obvious rite-of-passage for any parent, or father, but a necessary learning experience nonetheless. It appears Daikichi counts being unsure in how to attend to Rin as a failure, although as a learning experience, he handled things quite well, noting that a positive attitude is essential in providing reassurance.

I know I’ve brought it up a few times (er, almost every episode) that the development between Daikichi and Kouki’s mom is obviously progressing to a point where I forget Daikchi’s single. Though sometimes subtle, her caring gestures hint at something more than a simple friendship. As the series is rapping up and coming to a close, it seems evident that something will come from this building relationship, whether it is a marriage or a ‘break up’ (I guess a stalemate is also an option). However, with mentions of the idiosyncratic future as illustrated by the manga, I’m sure the majority would prefer to remain ignorant—who knows what will happen?