Valkyrie Complex


I don’t play Galgames (eroge) but always attracted by those splendid CGs and illustrations. So does this one, Valkyrie Complex (ヴァルキリーコンプレックス), produced by CIRCUS is one of those erotic games with excellent CGs but also whose plot and lines are still unknown to me. I’m not saying anything offensive towards eroge and in the bottom of my heart I really want to have a try when I’m not too busy. Maybe I prefer those 3D games, like Love Death 2 (らぶデス2) or the ones produced by Illusion in which I can be more “active” ^^.

The CGs of the game are mainly illustrated by Akisoba (秋蕎麦), you can find more of his work in the gallery when it fully recovered.

Visit the official website or download wallpapers here. (NSFW)

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