Ask the Commenters: Why do You Watch K-ON?

MAL has an interesting topic on their forum regarding a comparative analysis of K-ON! fans with three other titles performed by ASCII Research Institute. ASCII concluded that the series received well to the general public, especially young women who don’t watch Anime frequently. The research reveals that 37% of K-ON! fans are women while only 10% of the audience are female for Strike Witches 2. This is reasonable since Strike Witches 2 is basically a fan service series for Lolicon and male and there seems to be few reasons that female should watch it. To prove my thought, around 70% of fans of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler, 黒執事) are female.

Why are You Watching K-ON?

Furthermore, 15% of the audience of K-ON! don’t watch Anime frequently, while all the audience of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica are regular Anime fans. Well, to further illustrate the idea behind this, take myself as example, I did watch K-ON! but not the rest of the three titles. And at the same time the Mahou Shoujo Anime stays on my Hard Drive collecting dust.

Why do you watch K-ON? What’s the series special to you? Let us know!

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