Wishlist Weekly! Vol.2

Oops, here’s the second round of the wishlist, I don’t even realize that a week has passed. Things work well these days and I’m almost ready to buy a new hosting service, probably some time next week.


Velvet Skin ~ INO Art Works (R18)

Description: Veteran bishoujo game designer INO presents the definitive compilation of his work! Packed with luscious erotic illustrations, Velvet Skin’s full color pages span the career of one of the unquestioned masters of Japanese “H” game art. His signature style is represented here in the artwork from eleven games, featuring not just game CG but rare promotional art, poster and telephone card illustrations, rough production sketches, and other previously unreleased material. Included illustrations run the gamut from scenes of passionate lovemaking, harem sex, breasts from the small to the enormous, paizuri, fellatio, lingerie, and sexy pinup art galore! At 208 A4 size pages this is a weighty tome indeed, and one no erotic artbook collector should do without! From Core Magazine.

Review: This is a dedicated artbook and lots of people will want to get it. But so far I cannot find anything about it. Please inform me if you have any thing related to it. Also, you can get a preview on Heisei Democracy (NSFW).


Signam 1/7 Figure by Alter Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Description: Enjoy the latest addition to the collection of figures based on the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime series. This Alter creation is features the character Signam with her trademark purple hair. Made of PVC she’s fully painted and ready to display right out of the box to show off for you to admire. Excellent detailing with a silver metal like finish on the armor and weaponry, shading and ripples on the clothing making her appear as if she were a 3D photograph captured in midair. A fantastic 1/7th scale PVC statue that measures 28 cm (11 inches) for you to cherish.

Review: I posted an article regarding to this figure recently and you might want to have a look there. Check out the review.

Video Games

Fate/Unlimited Codes [SP Box]

Description: The fight for the holy grail spreads over from the arcades to your home. Drawn by Type Moon, and with a script written by Natsu Kinoko, the game spots an original storyline and is acted out by the star studded cast of voice actors. All characters are rendered in 3D but the system maintained the speed factor of 2D fighting games. Besides punches and kicks, the servant’s sure kill attacks and their special weapons are all included in this fighter. Harness their power and fight for your dearest wish. In addition to the existing elements in the arcade version, the PS2 edition comes with more scenes, player characters to the roster and many other goodies.

Review: Few body knows but I’m truly a video game fans. My favorite game on PlayStation2 is Grandia III by Square-Enix, followed by Final Fantasy XII and .hack//G.U. (I’m writing something about this series, will put it up when finish). Some people are crazy about the Saber Lily 1/7 PVC figure now (I’m one of them).


May’n Street

This is a fans oriented product I assume. If you like the Anime series Macross Frontier, if you like Sheryl Nome, you’d like to have a try. Check out the review here.