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Want to submit a post or other content to TheAkiba? We accept a broad range of content that match the blog’s writing and content standards. Continue reading to learn more about submitting process and getting published on TheAkiba.

Submitting Content to TheAkiba

Prior to submitting content we recommend that you read the entire instructions below. Be sure to review the sections on TheAkiba Guest Blogger Agreement. Also, review examples of prior content published on our blog. Search for the topic you’re writing on to see how your idea would be formatted on TheAkiba, and double check to make sure it isn’t something we have already covered. Of course we’re looking for new ideas, different thoughts and various explanations.

We publish multiple content types on TheAkiba, such as written reviews on Anime, Manga, Video Games, Figures and Gadgets, articles about Japanese Culture and Idols, tips on website developing and blogging, as well as related polls, videos, screencasts and freebies. And for reader who have a series of posts in mind, you may be interested in becoming a columnist guest blogger. Each content type has submission instructions, be sure to read the relevant sections thoroughly.

Submit Ideas for Review

In order to save your time, we provide two approaches for the review process. Firstly, you can submit for review a short paragraph, concept, pitch or idea about the coming post prior to submitting your complete content. You can do this using the following form:

Content Pitch

Thank you for taking the time to pitch your content to the TheAkiba. We will process your pitch in a timely manner. If you do not hear back in three days, your pitch may be submitted unsuccessfully and you can submit it again. You are welcome to submit multiple pitches.
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Submit Complete Content

Once you’ve finalized your work, completed content can be submitted through the following form (continue reading about the format):

Content Submission

Thank you for contributing to TheAkiba. We welcome contributions from anyone. You are able to pitch your idea for approval before submitting a full post. If you do not hear back in seven days your pitch has been unsuccessful.You should also make sure you have read our instructions on content submission.If successful you will be provided with an approximate time of publication, though this is subject to change without notice when required.

About Publishing on TheAkiba

TheAkiba is a blog developed primarily to house and showcase Japanese culture and Anime related news, reviews, and engage people in discussing popular topics and trends. We do not only publish articles before, during and after the airing of the related Anime and shows, but provide various insights into the series which bring readers fresh ideas and thoughts of what they might have already known or missed. If you have helpful or unique knowledge and thoughts you would like to share with others of the community, we’d be happy to have you contribute.

Working With You

We have a strong belief at TheAkiba that everyone has unique ideas to share and thoughts they come across as they enjoy or don’t enjoy their life. We’d love to hear your creative content ideas and look forward to potentially working with you.


Contributing to online publications is a great way to raise your profile online. When we publish your content, your author profile will be listed with the content. When submitting your final content please include a short paragraph for your profile, along with your email and website addresses.

Want to Be a Regular Contributor or Columnist?

TheAkiba is run by YoU who is also the only member of the blog. Instead of growing and managing a team, I decided to only allow guest bloggers to contribute to the blog. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor or columnist, you can use the form here to apply. Topics we cover on our blog can be found by browsing through TheAkiba and range from Anime, Figures reviews, J-Pop and Idol showcases, and of course, much more. Any subject related to Japanese Culture is potentially something we would cover on the blog. We also cover tips and thoughts on blogging, photo walking series and related subjects.

We’re looking for reviews and other content that combines high quality pics/photo/screenshots and beautiful tone of words, which filled with different ideas and thoughts. We’re especially looking for people who lives in Japan (and of course, anywhere else in the world) who can bring first hand review of the culture at the moment. Feel free to make any suggestions though.

Your Content Must Fulfill the Following Criteria

  • You must send in your already completed content for us to review for acceptance. Please note not every post will be accepted. If you currently don’t have much thoughts into the topic, we recommend you pitch your concept to get feedback from us, prior to writing or submitting the full content.
  • Your content must be your original work and not published elsewhere except your own blog if you have one. Upon published, the copyright of the post will be shared by TheAkiba and yourself/yourselves, no third party can reproduce the content without the permission of both parties.
  • You will need to format your content as per the format described in the corresponding content type section below.
  • Your content may be edited prior to publishing.

Content Types

Review information on the types of content we accept for submission and publish on a regular basis for TheAkiba.

Written Reviews

Being a site focused on quality information that invites readers, we prefer well-writen, stimulating and fruitful reviews, together with colorful screenshots of the series or vibrant photos of similar sort. Apart form the long reviews, we also accept short reviews/pitches which sum up and provide innovative thoughts for our readers. The long review should be around 1200 to 1600 words while the short one should be no longer than 800 words. Currently no episode reviews are accepted.

How to Format Your Post for Submission

Your post must come with:

  • An HTML file with the article written out. The article should have multiple headings, major headings get h2 tags, and your welcome to use h3 and h4 tags as needed. Additionally you should have a paragraph at the beginning giving an introduction. And include a well thought out conclusion.
  • Include a 200x200px relevant preview image.
  • Images in the review should be no more than 640px wide and please follow the guidelines in our Plagiarism and Crediting Sources section.
  • Package your review by placing all the images in the same folder as the HTML before sending. (ZIP, RAR formats preferred)

TheAkiba Guest Blogger Agreement

If Your Topic or Post is Accepted

  • You grant a license to TheAkiba to be the exclusive publisher of the post online. You may republish extracts online – for example on your own site – however the post in its entirety should not appear elsewhere. You may also republish the post offline in any way you wish – e.g. sell it to a magazine, submit it to a book.
  • Answer questions in comment section