Yuru Yuri EP 09 – This Summer isn’t Scary


It’s a hot mid-summer day—perfect time to tell ghost stories! Kyouko entreats the group to her self-crafted ghost tales, as they begin plotting to give Ayano a scare. With good ideas becoming few and far between the Amusement Club is persuaded to drop by the Student Council room with the promise of air-conditioning (and possibly some rum raisin ice cream?). However, already on edge, the girls are quickly driven off after discovering a girl sitting alone in the president’s chair.

It is soon revealed that the ghostly visitor was none other than soft-spoken Student Council president Rise Matsumoto. With even less presence than comrade Akari, Rise has gone unnoticed, despite attending the club’s past events. Only able to be interpreted by Nishigaki-sensei reveals a forbidden relationship between the two—Rise agrees to participate in Nishigaki’s curious *experiments*, often ending in an explosion. When the remaining three return to retrieve Akari, they instead discover she had spent the day with Himawari and Sakurako and not in their latest club meeting (twinsu?!)


Maybe it was the effects of the summer heat or the fact that the episode began in the infamously-monotonous Amusement Club room, but this episode felt especially dry on new ideas and slow as far as development. Yet series never fails to deliver a few laughs (‘burglar alarm superpower’), but the club room banter does tend to get a bit old. Although Kyouko is always in the spirit for a few chilling ghost stories, I’d have to say Chinatsu and Akari are definitely less prepared—as even the blood-spattered undead haunted house worker from Chinatsu’s childhood felt sorry for her sensitivity. Not much new from Yui, although her twin-tails look easily earned her a spot on my weekly favorites board! (if such a thing existed~)

I also couldn’t help but laugh with the final introduction of Akari’s ‘twin’ mysteriously attending the club’s daily activities, prompting the question of where the fallen Akari disappeared to ^^ Like Chitose’s twin Chizuru, could this be the evasive sister we’ve been searching for? And with the near-purposeless addition of Rise and Nishigaki-sensei, will Akari (as well as Chinatsu and other fallen stars) continue to lose screen time? Either way, this latest installment has left me wanting MORE YURI!!