Yuru Yuri EP 10 – Its Called a School Trip. . .But What Are We Here to Study?


The second years leave on a fieldtrip to Kiyomizu as Kyouko and Ayano struggle to contain their excitement. Apart from the usual—buying pickles and touring the temple—the girls manage to take advantage of all that the buddhist temple grounds have to offer:  butt-grabs in the dark and two-story stunt platforms! Upon arriving at the hotel (of excitement), ultra-genki girl Kyouko is all to eager to sample the pool—foretelling a dangerous evening for Chitose. As the yuri gains momentum, Ayano follows Kyouko’s lead by purchasing a wooden sword at the gift shop, however Kyouko’s atypical gift was intended as a shared gift for Akari and Chinatsu.

Kyouko’s excitement is only accentuated as the formidable dinner feast is unveiled. While she and Ayano give a go at exchanging dishes (feeding each other) , Chitose appears to be loosing most of her blood, now settling in her miso soup. Stuffed and burned out from the day’s frenzy, the girls settle in for bed. However, not one to give up an opportunity for potential yuri, Chitose issues a pillow fight battle royale. Kyouko quickly asserts a ‘no nosebleeds’ rule as Chitose fights for control of her bleeding eyes. With Yui unmoving and Chitose suffering from blood-loss, combatants Kyouko and Ayano call a draw. But now they’re all sweaty—maybe just one more bath~


What began as a second years only trip to Kyoto turned out to be a fantastic culmination of the series’ most compatible personalities—Kyouko’s enthusiasm + Ayano’s tsundere; Yui’s composition + Chitose’s uninhibited fantasizing. With plenty of humorous rambling on the bus ride alone, the series definitely takes one its best comedy turns yet, however, sadly at the expense of Akari and her ever growing band of invisible side-characters. The pool scenes were hilarious, as there appears to be no stopping Kyouko’s ‘rambunctious’ behavior. Chitose’s decision to leave her glasses on seemed to be a safe option, yet with the abundant steam and facial shampoo assaults (courtesy of Kyouko) I was expecting slightly more nosebleeds, but that would come later ^^

Dinner was extravagant, though it appeared the earlier pool activities did little to impede Kyouko’s energy. It was adorable watching Ayano being fed, and obviously disappointing when she was unable to return the favor as Kyouko contently takes the taro herself. Another check on the yuri to-do-list, although Himawari and Sakurako are already far in the lead having played out the food exchange on their Christmas dates.

The pillow fight was equally amazing, though quite violent as well, as Kyouko and Ayano strategized to eliminate teammates using their weaknesses to their advantage. Kyouko’s no bleeding rule left Chitose bleeding from the eyes ^^ and Ayano’s ‘girly talk only’ addition left Yui speechless. The finale was great as the girls battle fiercely, only to realize they are too evenly matched (or too compatible maybe) and shrug it off with one last victory bath.

~Only two episodes left!! Next time looks like a childhood flashback episode–completely kawaii ^^~