Yuru Yuri EP 2 – You and Me and the Student Council


Just as Akari attempted to reveal her elaborate plan to increase her social presence, School Council executives Ayano and Chitose barge into the clubhouse…even if only to challenge Kyouko’s study ethic. Unlike the zealous studier, Ayano — who suffers from sub-honor grades, Kyouko consistently manages to surmount tests with a perfect score. Subsequently, Ayano proposes a challenge! Puroresu!…well, maybe just a contest to determine who gets a higher score on the next test. Although, placid Chitose has other things in mind, namely: Yuri fantasies, which earn her a few ‘love-slaps’ from the already testy VP.

The next day, back in the Student Council office, Ayano and Chitose are faced with a seemingly indomitable wall of student handouts. However, Ayano is anxious to find Kyouko to ‘inspect the competition’ and cannot suppress the urge to leave. By sheer luck, Student Council members Himiwari and Sakurako enter and offer to tackle the mass of paperwork. Despite their combative nature towards each other, they soon enlist the help of the Amusement Club, speedily completing the job as Ayano and Chitose simultaneously scour the school grounds. As they make their way back to the Student Council room, disconcerted Ayano discovers that she had unknowingly evaded Kyouko, AND her pudding’s gone!

Following the ordeal, Sakurako finds herself drooling from the side-lines over cookies — baked by Himiwari — but refuses to divulge when offered. Likewise, Himiwari finds herself without her gym clothes, however Sakurako suggests using her extra pair (lucky coincidence…he…he ( ._.) and she takes the bait, *cough* I mean, accepts the clothes. In an unexpected twist, Himiwari, much to the envy of her middle school class, has a much larger bust than expected, eliciting lustful looks from her flatter counterpart. During the walk home, Himiwari presents Sakurako with a nicely-wrapped bag of homemade cookies (baked with lust *_^), in addition to a heaping plate of tsundere.

Then Kyouko, Yui and Chitose, upon hearing of Ayano’s sudden uptake of the influenza rush over to offer condolence. Yet, despite their earlier feud, Ayano expresses her sparkly-eyed gratitude for Kyouko’s concern. While taking advantage of the tantalizing situation, Chitose breaks her glasses, loosing control over her only means of constraint against her omnipotent imaginaton and ends up releasing a sprinkler-display of nosebleeds.


Looking back to my last post, I have only one revision to make:  I lied. Or didn’t know the whole truth. As it turns out, there’s a lot more ‘yuri’ than I originally gave credit for, and not only one of these relationships, but TWO. I probably could have guessed the lustful intents of an open character like Ayano, but Chitose?! That was a wild card. Although we only caught a brief glimpse of polite and collected Chitose at the tail-end of last episode, but as far as look and feel, Chitose definitely fits the role of a Tamura, Manami character. But in reality, she is the most fanatical of all, eventually falling captive to her own extravagant fantasies.

The simultaneous developmental relationship highlighted by this episode was that of Himiwari and Sakurako, who appear initially to be heated rivals, until the walk home where Himiwari presents her ‘opponent’ with a gift of homemade cookies. Despite this mutual awareness of each other’s affection, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a continuation of competition, because seriously, we’re talking about tsundere here.

Just as a recap:  Chitose, now unrestrained by her glasses, has been ferociously fantasizing while Ayano subtly reveals her yuri feelings for Kyouko. Akari is still unimpressionable. Rivals Himiwari and Sakurako are now aware of their mutual feelings of affection, and now armageddon has been initiated thanks to Ayano. More or Less. Sounds like adventure to me!