Yuru Yuri EP 4 – Summer Harvest


Final Exams! and Ayano is getting ready! As the girls make their way home from school, they pass a Tanabata wishing tree and agree to each make their own additions. Single-minded Kyouko expectedly asks for a kiss from Chinatsu — who is surprisingly no better, as she too wishes for a kiss from Yui-sempai. Lucky for her, Yui never disappoints, landing a juicy forehead-kiss on en elated Chinatsu. And, of course, odd-one-out Akari secretly wishes to stand out more.

While lounging at the clubhouse, Ayano bursts inside to assert her imminent victory over Kyouko, who seems contently lackadaisical. During the subsequent week, Ayano engrosses herself in various study tactics, determined for success. As the test scores are released, however, Ayano finishes at the top of the class. But due to an overlap in “Doujin Time”, Kyouko hardly left the test hardly even attempted.

At the arrival of the much-anticipated Summer semester, the quad — being invited by Ayano and Chitose — spend a day at the beach. Although for no apparent reason, Himiwari and Sakurako also find there way into the background of the oceanside sequence. Inviting Chitose can only mean ample fantasizing and plenty of nosebleeds (somehow she always found tissues, thanks to the magical floating hand), but her presence is always comedic nonetheless.

Later that evening, the romanticism is amplified as they introduce the closest thing man has gotten to creating a ‘love potion’ (discounting aphrodisiacs) — Fireworks! Ayano is definitely feeling it now as Kyouko extends a outstretched hand (granted they are full of fireworks). And combine this with the atmosphere and Chitose’s subliminal messaging, and you get Ayano making a few attempts towards a confession. In the end, her wish is fulfilled, especially taking into account Kyouko’s coincidental trip-into-Ayano’s incident. Yet, Akari’s wish to stand out remains unfulfilled as she is left alone on the shore.


Although I haven’t had the chance (yet) to make the trip out to the movie theater to watch Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2, I would have to assume it resembles something like this: (Ignore the Yukatas and the fact that they’re middle schoolers, and voila! A perfect reenactment of a Voldemort/ Harry wand fight!)

It appears that the topic of episodes tends to repeat every other episode, for example:  The Chitose-fantasies, the Ayano-loves-Kyouko scenes, and the Himiwari vs. Sakurako conflict — all pervading topics of episode 2. In addition, I recently discovered (I know, it’s already EP 04) that they give a brief snippet of the following episode at the conclusion. And if my speculations are correct, we should see a lot of Chinatsu next week!

Will Akari even gain social presence? Probably not anytime soon — what would a series be without a little suspense?