Yuru Yuri EP 6 – Art, Arter, Artist


Being inspired by the curiosity of a first-year, Kyouko fabricates an illustrated fantasy love novel including characters Kyouko and Yui. Overcome by the stunning visuals, but mostly the premise, Chinatsu challenges Kyouko to a Duel of the Artisans—countering with her very own “Unstoppable Love Paradox” narrative. Maybe it was the blood-red lipstick smears or even the use of zombie-clowns as main characters but the others are quick to impede the performance.

Round 2 moves to the clay medium, prompting Yui’s gyoza, Akari’s “plain” usagi, Kyouko’s Mirakurun – Leg Spread Edition (just Chinatsu in disguise), and Chinatsu’s censored spawnling. So, I’m taking that to mean nobody wins.

Upon deciding to visit Yui’s house for a much-needed change of pace, the girls arrive to lend a hand in tending Yui’s-relative’s-daughter, Mari-chan. Prompted by Mari mistaking Chinatsu for the real Mirakurun, an elated Kyouko is all but to excited to play along (and lend a costume). Exhausted and unable to conjure a single magic trick, Chinatsu jeopardizes her identity. . .for some juice. A little late, but finished nonetheless, Akari presents her story—though it’s missing a little content, and a first page (._.)


Besides the surprise appearance of Akari’s “man-cat” clay figurine, and Chinatsu’s rather macabre graphic novel (complete blindside—the title’s a red herring), it’s quite the “shiny-fantasy” episode (at least for an episode excluding Chitose). Kyouko is undoubtedly a favorite, always being the comedian, and also the instigator for all scenes “Mirakurun”. My advice to avid viewers would be keep looking. I’d expect Mirakurun/chinatsu Leg Spread figurine to be available for pre-order soon enough~

Also a significant milestone—Chinatsu’s first Mirakurun debut! Can’t deny the facts, she looks pretty good ^^ I blame her exposed character on the new generation of super-kids. Last week we got an ear-full from Himawari’s imouto-san and now it’s Mari-chan (there’s no fooling these bionic-detectives). Kyouko’s reaction seemed surprisingly subdued, but then again, who can predict what the disciplined fanatic is going to do next.

Next Week: More Chitose, Christmas (including Santa-Kyouko), and everyone else~